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Mondi Tire Paper Mill
Bekleme Mevkıı
TR - 35900, Tıre Kutsan A.s. Tıre / Izmır
Tel: + 90 232 512 11 56
Fax: + 90 232 512 38 71
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Welcome to Mondi Tire Paper Mill

Mondi Tire Kutsan Tire paper mill produces Fluting, Test Liner, Kraft Liner and Tire NSSC papers with % 100 recycled paper & pulp providing less natural source consumption.

Our Tire Paper Mill has a capacity of 130.000 ton per year with a 90% capacity usage.


1986: Start-up PM-1 Machine, with a capacity of  30.000 ton/year

1997: Start-up PM-2 Machine, with a capacity of 65.000 ton/year

By the end of 2003, through the successful implementation of a production facility modernisation initiative, the annual production capacity of the paper mill reached 130.000 tons per year.

Consequently, the production of imitation Kraft Liner and Semi-Chemical Fluting papers were enabled alongside the standard products such as Fluting and Test Liner.

Mondi Tire Kutsan serves customers within the scope of certificate of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System since 1996 and all the crucial points in the process can be monitored & controlled by highly developed DCS (Distributed Control System).

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