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Mondi Dynäs AB
Lars-Göran Berglund
John Ekmans Väg 1
SE - 873 81, Väja
Tel: +46 612 83 000
Fax: +46 612 83 300
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Welcome to Mondi Dynäs

Dynäs mill, by the river in Vaja, was established in 1884 and acquired by Mondi in 2000.

Today the plant produces 250.000 tons of Sack Kraft Paper and Speciality Kraft Paper. Investments made in the mill, combined with advanced research and development, have resulted in significant improvements in the runnability, printability and strength of our paper. Sack converters and end-users worldwide benefit from the strength and quality of the fibres we use.

The environment is a critical concern for Mondi Dynäs, and we have been certified to ISO 14001 since 1998. We are constantly improving our products and processes to optimise the use of raw materials and energy.

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