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Industrial bags

Your competent and reliable partner for industrial bags

We offer a broad product portfolio of industrial bags, including ultra-strong bags for high-speed filling and air-permeable bags with sophisticated closure techniques such as hermetic sealing and vacuum sealing, as well as barrier liners. Unique bag constructions fulfill even the toughest requirements. We focus on enhanced, optimised production and consistent quality. Our operative machinery is state-of-the-art and our production facilities meet the different market and segment requirements, such as bags produces under DIN 15593, HACCP, BRC/IoP, AIB, ISO 22000 certified conditions.

The Mondi Industrial Bags sales representatives can advise you on the ideal bag solution for your individual technical and marketing requirements.


 Pinch bottom bags

Open Mouth Bags Pasted Valve Bags Pinch Bottom Bags

SOS (Block Bottom) Bags Refuse Bags Protector Bags
Natro Tech Filling Equipment
Features Filling Equipment Paper-based consumer bags and reels


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