Effusion Bag

Precise dosing and optimal protection

Thanks to the Effusion Bag end users can now better dose the filled good via a funnel-formed effusion opening. With a few quick hand movements the opening can easily be formed.

The sturdy bag and a handle on the bottom of the bag additionally facilitate a convenient and controlled discharging of the bags' content. The paper bag itself is designed for best product protection and encloses the filling material tightly. By using a PE-free film as second ply, an additional protection against humidity and an extended time of storage of the filled bags can be achieved.

Winner of the Emballissimo Award 2008, the WorldStar Award 2008, and the EUROSAC Grand Prix - Sack of the Year 2011.

Effusion Bag


  • Convenient opening
  • Easy content dosing
  • Controlled discharging
  • Optimal protection
Technical Specifications
Width  300 mm to 400 mm
Bottom  70 mm  to 130 mm
Length  370 mm to 500 mm
Number of plies  2
Base paper

bleached or unbleached paper available with grammages
ranging from 70 gsm to 120 gsm. Polyethylene free film
(30 µm HDPE to 120 µm LDPE) can be incorporated for enhanced
moisture protection.

Thanks to the accurate and convenient pouring of content this solution offers extraordinary advantages for products which require a dosed intersperse for mixing and processing the final compound, such as building materials. In addition to this application, the Effusion Bag is suitable for food, feed, cat litter, pet food and chemicals or minerals. Best handling facilitation for the end user can be achieved at packaging units below 20kg.

  • Building materials
  • Food (DIN EN 15593)
 icon pet food industry
  • Pet food
  • Pet care
 icon agricultural industry
  • Animal feed 
  • Seeds


  • Chemicals
  • Minerals
  •  Others



Key Benefits

Accurate and easy dosing

The funnel shaped opening in combination with a handle and a sturdy paper bag make it easy to control the amount of powder discharged and therefore allow accurate dosing. Spilling is minimized and processing is cleaner.

Convenient handle

A strong handle supports convenient carrying of the bag as well as easy handling when emptying.
Extended storage period and usage Thanks to the smart opening construction the bag stays intact and allows the end user to effectively reclose it and safely store remaining content for later use. Storage life of products in reclosed packaging units can be extended.
Effective moisture protection
The sturdy paper bag encloses the filling material tightly and keeps it safe from environmental influences. For enhanced protection against moisture, a PE free film is used, thus offering an extended storage life of the filled bags.

Optional Features
Easy Seal / Ultrasonic Sealable Valve Where sift proofness for cleanliness or enhanced product protection of sensitive goods are required Mondi's ultrasonic sealable valves are ready to serve your need. Easy Seal is optimised to accelerate your production process and energy consumption. The bags can be equipped with a seable valve upon request. Mondi gladly advises you on the best suitable sealable valve products for ultrasonic sealing.
Easy Open An integrated tear-open strip allows easy opening of the bag to quickly release the content. This feature avoids paper shreds, which may contaminate the filling good when opening the bag with common devices and at the same time eliminates risks of injury.
Security Label The highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label successfully combats product forgery.
Handle For enhanced end user convenience an optional handle for better carrying comfort can be produced with the bag.

Mondi Airstream Bag

Airstream Bag®

  • Top filling speed
  • Effective moisture protection
  • Optimised bag dimensions
  • Compact shape, clean bag

Easy Seal

  • Accelerated production process
  • Reliable long-lasting protection
  • Customisable to all valve bags
  • Environmentally friendly
Mini Bag

Mini Bag

  • Clean bags
  • High speed filling
  • Serving of small unit demands
  • Shelf sized  packaging
  • Multiple convenience features
  • Easy handling for end user

ONE & ONE Plus

  • Cost efficient
  • Reduced grammage, packaging volume and waste
  • High porosity, strong
  • Resourceful packaging
  • Lower transport costs
PE Coated Sack Kraft

PE Coated Sack Kraft

  • Excellent barrier properties
  • High sealing strength
  • High tear-resistance
  • Flawless runnability

Sack Kraft Paper

  • High tensile energy absorption
  • High porosity
  • Optimal printability
  • Excellent runnability

Terra Bag

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Waste turned into valuable humus
  • Enhanced protection of filling product
  • No constraints in filling speed

World Bag®

  • International usability
  • Reduced packaging variations
  • Improved handling and cost efficiency
  • Bag remains intact
  • Additional space for promotion


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