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Aside from helping combat climate change, going green can have many immediate and future-oriented advantages, e.g. saving money, offsetting risk, boosting sales, enhancing brand reputation and ensuring traceability. These benefits, accompanied by increasing consumer awareness and pressure from governmental bodies and NGOs, have made green purchasing practices a growing trend across all industries.

Despite recent market feedback and surveys indicating that companies are willing to change their product range and packaging to make it more sustainable, so far few have made major changes. Without doubt the process is more difficult for large global manufacturers than for small eco-brands. Nevertheless, the common denominator is that they all consider the main barrier to be uncertainty over which solutions best fit their specific environmental and product life cycles.

Mondi is firmly committed to helping customers achieve their sustainability goals by moving sustainability onto the business agenda. Being fully integrated across the paper and packaging chain, with in-depth understanding of customers’ markets and products, makes us well equipped to provide the right solution for your success.

Five Good Reasons to Go Green
Save money The right solution can have a positive impact on purchasing, shipping, fiscal costs and disposal-related costs.
Offset risk Staying abreast of the increasingly numerous and stringent regulations helps offset financial and environmental risk.
Boost sales Nowadays over 50% of consumers already consider environmental performance a sufficiently important factor to influence their choice of brand.
Enhance reputation Going green can enhance the reputation of a company and its products, and can boost shareholder value. Analysts estimate that up to 30% of a company’s stock market value may be attributable to intangibles such as reputation.
Ensure traceability To ensure increased transparency, companies claiming their products are green are required to provide traceability information. This high-quality information can also be used internally to aid in the process of meeting targets and benchmarks.


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