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Pasted Open Mouth Bags

Open mouth bags are closed on one side of the tube, either by sewing or by glueing. The high quality materials and types of construction offered provide a longer shelf life for your products. Re-opening devices can be applied, so that the product remains protected for a longer period by the end user. A choice of bleached or unbleached paper is available, with grammage ranging from 60gsm to 130gsm. Design facilities and printing with up to 10 colours can be provided, including process printing. Coatings can also be optionally applied to give a gloss finish or improve frictional characteristics. For special protection via a barrier, open mouth bags are available with PE-Inliner.

Pasted Open Mouth Bags




  • Optimal palletisation
  • Self-supporting for display
  • Reliable hygienic closure techniques
  • Meets various filling prerequisites


Technical Specifications
Width 180 mm to 750 mm
Bottom 70 mm to 300 mm
Length 240 mm to 1390 mm
Number of plies* 1 to 6


The following bases for open mouth bags are available to meet your requirements for easy palletising or a self-supporting display: 

  • Pasted bottom - flat (standard, hexagonal bottom)
  • Pasted bottom - flat (with tape closure)
  • Sewn bottom  - flat
  • Sewn bottom  - gusset
  • Pinch bottom   - flat
  • Pinch bottom   - gusset

Polycoated plies or high-density polyethylene (HDPE) / low-density polyethelyne (LDPE) inliners can be incorporated for enhanced barrier properties and to enable heat sealing.

Open mouth bags are mainly used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for powdery, coarse or granular fillling goods.

  • Food (DIN EN 15593)
 icon pet food industry
  • Pet food
  • Pet care
 icon agricultural industry
  • Animal feed
  • Seeds
  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals


  • Minerals
  •  Others

Key Benefits
Yields a neat, stable pallet Open mouth bags can be designed with different bottoms, resulting in a sturdier bag with a nicer shape – for an optimal pallet.
Self-supporting for display Special folding techniques and gussets help form a nicely shaped bottom during the filling process, thereby providing a pleasing, self-supporting display at the point of sale.
Various closure techniques. The available bag closure techniques meet a variety of customer requirements, including sewing or folding over/ gluing down, or the bags can be equipped with a re-opening device.
Meets various filling prerequisites Open mouth bags can be used with a wide range of filling equipment for fully automated or manual filling.

Optional Features
Easy Open An integrated tear-open strip allows easy opening of the bag to quickly release the content. This feature avoids paper shreds, which may contaminate the filling good when opening the bag with common devices  and at the same time eliminates risks of injury.
Security Label The highly sophisticated anti-counterfeiting label successfully combats product forgery.



Hot Lock Bag

Hot Lock Bag

  • Clean and easy closure
  • Stable stand along the packaging line
  • Better stacking on the pallet
  • Food safe
PE Coated Sack Kraft

PE Coated Sack Kraft

  • Excellent barrier properties
  • High sealing strength
  • High tear-resistance
  • Flawless runnability

PE-Inliner Bags

  • Hygienic packaging
  • Aroma and moisture barrier
  • Increases shelf life
  • Sift proof through sealing
Pinch Bottom Bag

Pinch Bottom Bags

  • Nicely shaped
  • Sift proof
  • Optimal palletisation

Sack Kraft Paper

  • High tensile energy absorption
  • High porosity
  • Optimal printability
  • Excellent runnability

Terra Bag

  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Waste turned into valuable humus
  • Enhanced protection of filling product
  • No constraints in filling speed


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