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Welcome to Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper - Innovation

Continuous business generates many challenges for industry, including shorter product life cycles, increasing costs and decreasing prices, new trends, increasing complexity and growing uncertainty. For Mondi, change is an opportunity. Innovation is our winning strategy, exploiting and encouraging change to get better, faster and more competitive.

Our Innovation Programme is a sustainable process that handles innovations of all kinds:

  • Incremental innovations: the continuous improvement of products and processes to focus on cost savings, efficiency, safety and health, the environment and more. Innovations that are evaluated to be successful are then implemented in our operations
  • Radical innovations: new products, processes, technologies and business opportunities. We pursue such innovations as an element of our central research and development process

Development process

Our success factors are:

  • A clear vision and innovation strategy with full management commitment
  • Active involvement of all employees
  • Recognition for innovations proposed by employees
  • Our structured and efficient process, supported by a set of tools that accelerate innovation
  • The freedom to innovate, and resources for trial and error
  • Knowledge sharing and multifunctional teams that combine the knowledge and perspectives of all disciplines
  • An open approach to innovation that involves partners and their competences in our R&D programme
  • The metrics to track and measure performance.

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