Hybrid printing

Hybrid printing is a combination of two technologies – Offset and Digital. Offset printing gives the highest print quality and cost advantage for high print runs and Digital printing gives benefit by using variable and personalized data, thus, making the message highly relevant for the reader. During hybrid printing, the paper is exposed to offset as well as to digital printing processes. Due to that reason paper should be able to cope with many different influencing factors such as: high temperature, pressures (for example, in the fusing unit of dry toner digital printing machine), electrostatic charges and be able to absorb inks with different characteristics having short drying time. Post-printing processes such as finishing, binding, folding put even more stress on paper. Mondi’s papers are perfectly suitable for hybrid printing due to low dust, high surface formation, controlled electro conductivity and adjusted humidity. 



Last change: 25/11/2013

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© 2014 by Mondi