Speakout is a confidential reporting tool for Mondi employees and external partners. The service is designed to support Mondi's corporate commitment to ethical, transparent business practice and conduct, as set out in the Five Mondi Principles (Mondi’s Code of Business Ethics). It is also convenient for all stakeholders to raise any concerns and speak out about behaviour or activities that they believe may conflict with our business ethics.

Five Mondi Principles

Legal Compliance

Mondi will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Honesty and Integrity

Mondi will observe the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Human Rights

Mondi will respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Mondi will have due regard to the interests of all its stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and communities.


Mondi will conduct its business sustainably, ensuring safety, health and the protection of the environment.

How the service works

Speakout is simple to use and the following four steps should be communicated to employees and all external partners:

  1. Decide whether you wish to submit your report via email to [email protected] or via a recorded message on the Speakout telephone service;
  2. If you wish to make a verbal report, dial the Speakout telephone number for your country provided on the leaflet and poster. The Speakout service is only accessible via touch tone phones;
  3. Once you have recorded your report, which can be of any length, you will be given a five-digit case number. You must keep this number in a safe place as you will need it to access the service again to hear an update or response from Mondi. The five-digit case number is randomly created by an algorithm system and you will need to submit a new report should you lose it;
  4. After 14 days, call the Speakout service again and enter your five-digit case number to receive an update or response.
Tips for using Speakout

The following tips should be communicated to employees and all external partners to help them in using the service:

  • Write down the major points you would like to make before you call;
  • Make a note of your five-digit case number and store it in a safe place;
  • If you want your message to be directed to a specific individual say so at the start of the recording;
  • Please note your five-digit case number and call back after 14 days to receive an update or response on your case;
  • To help Mondi management respond to your report as effectively as possible, please provide as much information as you feel you can. This might include, your business unit and / or your location, dates, times, the people involved in the alleged activity and which of the Five Mondi Principles (Mondi's Code of Business Ethics) you believe is being violated or breached.

Important notice: recording a message via the Speakout service does not constitute a 'legal notice' to Mondi.
Given the diversity in national legislations concerning the implementation of a whistleblowing system, Mondi Group invites you to review the conditions of use applicable in your country which have also been taken into consideration in the specific posters and leaflets.

Role of management

Mondi provides Speakout free of charge to ensure that a confidential service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for all employees and external partners. The promotion of the Speakout service, via our formal cascade process, is the responsibility of every manager within Mondi. Mondi managers are also required to ensure that Speakout materials, including posters and leaflets, are prominently displayed and distributed to all team members and external partners.

Management’s responsibility is to ensure that all reports received from the Speakout service are followed up and dealt with appropriately, and that a response is submitted to the Speakout service within 14 days of a report being made.

To help you communicate with employees and external partners about this service, we have provided the following materials:

  • Speakout poster: click here to download translated posters for your country;
  • Speakout leaflet: click here to download translated leaflets for your country.
The reporting process

Once a report has been made it is in the first instance passed to designated persons within Mondi’s Internal Audit team who will then forward the information to the responsible manager.

Reports where the value of the matter (including reputation risk) is potentially more than €10.000 must be reported to the CFO of the named business unit. Reports where the value of the matter (including reputation risk) is potentially more than €50.000 must be reported to the Mondi CFO.


For further information on the Speakout programme, click here.

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