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Corrugated packaging

We are a leading containerboard producer with an integrated, well-invested, cost-advantaged asset base. We use our containerboard to make a range of regular and bespoke corrugated solutions designed to keep our customers’ products safe, and differentiate their brands in-store and online. Our cost-effective fibre-based solutions are made from a renewable resource, are lightweight and recyclable.

Leading market positions

#1 virgin containerboard producer in Europe

#1 containerboard producer in emerging Europe

#3 corrugated solutions producer in emerging Europe

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Corrugated packaging Markets served


Flexible packaging

As a global leader, we offer our customers a unique range of sustainable flexible packaging solutions using paper where possible, plastic when useful. Our world-class integrated mills produce kraft paper that we, and our customers, convert into strong yet lightweight paper-based solutions. We also make a variety of flexible plastic-based consumer packaging giving our customers additional functionality when required. Wherever possible, we optimise material usage, prioritise recyclability and use recycled content.

Leading market positions

#1 kraft paper producer globally

#1 paper bag producer in Europe and a global leader

#3 consumer flexible packaging producer in Europe

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Flexible packaging Markets served


Engineered materials

We produce a range of specialised solutions leveraging our expertise across the Group, focusing on products that are designed for recycling and use recycled content. Our functional papers and films protect adhesive surfaces or provide barriers against, for example, moisture, oxygen or aroma across a range of applications, including our packaging solutions. Our personal care products include soft nonwoven fabrics, uniquely stretchable elastic films and mechanical fastening components used in everyday life.

Leading market positions

#1 commercial release liner producer in Europe

#2 extrusion coatings producer in Europe

Markets served  

Engineered materials Markets served


Uncoated fine paper

Our vertically integrated, well-invested, cost-advantaged paper mills make a wide range of environmentally sound home, office and professional printing papers, including design and luxury packaging papers, tailored to the latest digital and offset print technologies. We manage forests in Russia and South Africa providing sustainable wood fibre for our operations. Our innovative paper solutions, including a growing amount of recycled fibres, meet our customers’ needs in a cost-effective and sustainable way.

Leading market positions

#1 uncoated fine paper supplier in Europe (including Russia)

#1 uncoated fine paper producer in South Africa

Markets served  

Uncoated Fine Paper Markets served