Our businesses

Corrugated packaging

We produce containerboard and a broad range of converted corrugated solutions designed to protect, transport and display our customers’ products along the value chain until they reach the end consumer. Corrugated packaging’s strength, printability, recyclability and customisation potential makes it an ideal solution for fast-moving consumer goods, eCommerce, heavy industrial and other specialised applications.

Leading market positions

#1 virgin containerboard producer in Europe

#1 containerboard producer in emerging Europe

#1 corrugated solutions producer in emerging Europe


Flexible packaging

We are a global flexible packaging producer with a unique portfolio of paper, flexible-plastic and hybrid-based solutions. Our kraft papers are converted into strong, lightweight paper-based packaging such as paper bags, while our functional paper and films protect adhesive surfaces or provide protective barriers to papers for packaging and other applications. We also make a range of plastic-based flexible packaging solutions which provide functionality and product protection. Our broad range of products are used in a range of consumer, retail, construction and industrial applications.

Leading market positions

#1 kraft paper producer globally

#1 paper bags producer in Europe and a global leader

#3 consumer flexible packaging producer in Europe


Uncoated fine paper

Our Uncoated Fine Paper business produces a wide range of home, office, converting and professional printing papers, tailored to the latest digital and offset print technologies. We also produce pulp which is sold to customers around the world.

Leading market positions

#2 uncoated fine paper supplier in Europe

#1 uncoated fine paper producer in South Africa