Delivering value accretive growth sustainably

Mondi’s strategy is to deliver value accretive growth sustainably through our four strategic value drivers. Our strategic approach allows us to build on the competitive advantages we enjoy today, and sets a clear roadmap for our investment and operational decisions so that we can continue creating value in a sustainable way into the future.

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Delivering value accretive growth sustainably

Sustainability lies at the centre of our purpose, culture and strategy. We have a solid foundation of setting sustainability targets and reporting on our performance. In early 2021 we launched MAP2030, our sustainability framework to 2030, building on our strong progress made to date which sets out the actions we need to take over the next decade to achieve our ambitious sustainability goals.

Drive performance along the value chain

Our passion for performance is central to the way we run our business. Continuous improvement initiatives, focus on commercial excellence, lean processes, rigorous quality management and operational excellence programmes enhance our productivity and efficiency and reduce waste.

Invest in assets with cost advantage

To drive organic growth in our structurally growing packaging markets, strengthen cost competitiveness, enhance our product offering, quality and service to customers, and improve environmental performance, we invest in our asset base through-the-cycle. We follow a disciplined approach of investigating, approving and executing capital projects, delivering industry-leading returns.

Inspire our people

We are committed to providing an inspiring, inclusive, diverse and safe working environment for our people. We want our colleagues to have the confidence to take action in their own particular area of responsibility and unlock potential across the business in line with our purpose.

Partner with customers for innovation

We collaborate with our customers and other partners along the value chain to create high-quality, innovative, sustainable packaging solutions to meet customers’ needs. We do this by leveraging our strong relationships, product and technical know-how, and unique platform as a leading packaging producer.