Delivering value accretive growth sustainably

Mondi’s strategy is to deliver value accretive growth sustainably through our four strategic value drivers. Our strategic approach allows us to build on the competitive advantages we enjoy today, and sets a clear roadmap for our investment and operational decisions so that we can continue creating value in a sustainable way into the future. MAP2030 sets out the actions we are taking to achieve our 2030 sustainability commitments. Explore the information below to learn more about our strategy:


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Delivering value accretive growth sustainably

Sustainability lies at the centre of our strategy to drive value accretive growth. We believe that being part of the solution to global sustainability challenges will secure the long-term success of our business and benefit our stakeholders. We believe business has a leading role to play in helping to deliver the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Being part of the solution to global sustainability challenges will secure the long-term success of our business and benefit all our stakeholders.

Drive performance along the value chain

Our passion for performance will always be central to the way we run our business – from our focus on commercial excellence and lean processes, to rigorous quality management and operational excellence programmes that enhance productivity and efficiency. We have continuous improvement systems and processes in place focused on enhancing productivity, increasing efficiency, reducing waste and ensuring our processes stay lean.

Invest in assets with cost advantage

We believe that our portfolio of assets is industry leading. Investing in our cost-advantaged asset base to maintain and enhance our competitiveness is of particular importance for our pulp and paper operations where products are generally more standardised and relative cost competitiveness is a key value driver. Our disciplined approach to investigating, approving and executing capital projects is one of our key strengths and plays an important role in successfully delivering strong returns through-the-cycle.

Inspire our people

Ensuring the safety of our people always comes first. We embed clearly defined methodologies, procedures and robust controls and develop a 24-hour safety mindset to ensure they, and other people who have reason to be on Mondi sites, stay safe. We foster a diverse and inclusive culture. Enhancing the skills of our employees is a key part of developing an agile and motivated workforce that is capable of delivering our strategy and driving success in a sustainable way.

Partner with customers for innovation

Working with our customers and other partners in the value chain to create high-quality, innovative and sustainable solutions is key to our long-term success. As a leading producer of paper and plastic-based packaging, we are uniquely positioned to leverage our relationships and product know-how to offer our customers the most sustainable solutions, with the functionality to meet their needs. Our customer-centric approach, EcoSolutions, supports our customers to achieve their sustainability goals following our principle paper where possible, plastic when useful.