Creating sustainable value

Our strategy is to deliver sustainable value by providing high-quality packaging and paper solutions, and we achieve this by focusing on our four strategic value drivers.

This approach enables us to make the most of the competitive advantages we enjoy today, and sets a clear framework for our investment and operational decisions so that we can continue to create value into the future. While all strategic value drivers are relevant to each of our businesses, priority levels may differ across the value chain.

We deliver sustainable value by providing high-quality packaging and paper solutions through:


Drive performance along the value chain

Our passion for performance will always be central to the way we run our business and is demonstrated through a continuous focus on quality, productivity and efficiency.

We have systems and processes in place to benchmark against our best performing operations, share lessons learnt, identify emerging issues, optimise productivity, minimise waste and deliver quality products to our customers on time.

Invest in assets with cost advantage

Investing in assets with a cost advantage to maintain and enhance our competitive advantages plays an important role in delivering our industry leading returns. This is of particular importance in our pulp and paper assets, where products are generally more commoditised and low-cost production is key.

Inspire our people and grow responsibly

Our long-term success is dependent on our ability to integrate sustainability across the Group. This ensures that we can continue to address the risks and opportunities that arise from global environmental and societal trends, retain our competitive edge and generate value for our stakeholders.

We believe that being part of the solution to global challenges will secure the long-term success of our business and the wellbeing of our communities and other stakeholders.

Partner with customers for innovation

Working with our customers to create innovative solutions is key to our long-term success. In our upstream packaging and paper operations our focus is on producing lighter weight packaging materials without sacrificing strength, enhancing the printing quality of our products and optimising cost-effectiveness.

Our downstream converting operations focus on product innovation, meeting evolving customer requirements and generating solutions that help our customers promote the products they produce and deliver on product requirements such as longevity, freshness and convenience.