Fibre-based materials

Cellulose fibres derived from renewable sources are the basis for sustainable packaging and paper solutions.

We develop processes that improve the performance of pulp fibres. By making more out of less, we can benefit our customers and the environment. For example, our Advantage Protect sack kraft paper has a water-repellent surface and is formulated to maintain high tensile strength even in a wet environment. In a weight of 80 g/m2, Advantage Protect has a wet tensile strength three times higher than standard sack kraft paper.


New digital printing technologies, such as high-speed inkjet printing, allow more personalised communication.

We have developed the NEUJET® to allow a range of dye and pigment inks to be used on the high quality matte and silk surfaces in graphic arts printing. All our high-speed inkjet papers carry the Mondi Green Range logo - a symbol of high environmental performance in sustainable paper production.

Food safety

Our innovative food packaging solutions ensure food safety and help reduce food spoilage.

Our packaging helps protect food against contamination and enjoy a longer shelf life. Our technologies also protect from microbiological degradation. For example, Miprotex protects against the migration of mineral oil, odours and grease. It complies with all direct food contact regulations and also offers good oxygen and water-vapour barrier properties.

Polymer processing

Our ongoing research and development in polymer processing deepens our expertise in polymer raw materials and their processing properties.

Together with customers, we develop unique film recipes and processes for multilayer blown films, cast films and laminates. We recently introduced OptiPack, a film that combines all the advantages of traditional form-fill-seal (FFS) films with resistance to punctures and tears and no loss of functionality or quality.