Mondi R&D centres

This is where we develop creative and sustainable solutions for your success.

  • Mondi Food Safety Laboratory

    Develops smart and customised packaging solutions optimised for food contact and supports our customers in meeting increasingly stringent regulatory requirements. Read more

  • Print Competence Centre

    Evaluates the very best possible print quality with optimised ink consumption for a variety of our sack kraft paper, speciality kraft paper and containerboard grades. Read more 

  • Packaging Paper R&D Innovation Centre

    Develops containerboard, speciality and sack kraft paper products and optimises processes. Read more

  • Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper Product & Process Development Centre

    Develops and improves a variety of paper grades for office and professional printing with focus on digital print and specialities. Read more

  • Bag Application Centre

    Tests our packaging solutions in our customers’ own processes to ensure we fulfil customer requirements for industrial bags. Read more

  • Recycling Lab

    Tests any fibre-based product that is made out of kraft paper or containerboard with or without coating (extrusion, dispersion), such as coated paper, laminated paper, barrier paper. Read more