Bag Application Centre

To ensure we fulfil customer requirements for industrial bags, we research and test our packaging solutions in our customers' own processes.

Our Bag Application Centre conducts full-scale tests of bag filling and handling and evaluates bag performance under the expected environmental conditions. By testing before we deliver, we help customers create the best possible solutions to meet their needs. 

Rigorous testing

At our Bag Application Centre (BAC), our application engineering team analyses the bags’ strength, de-aeration properties as well as behaviour during filling and different storage conditions. To test the bag constructions, we perform simulations of specific situations using state-of-the-art technology.

BAC is a certified independent laboratory for testing UN bags, for dangerous goods.

  • Air permeability test
  • Filling behaviour test
  • Determining the force exerted by filling goods
  • Strength test
  • Climate simulation
  • Resistance to moisture test

Co-operation with our customers

  • Together with our suppliers, we optimise sack kraft paper to achieve improved strength and de-aeration values.
  • Based on your needs, we optimise your bag’s construction for improved filling properties and product protection.
  • Working with our customers, we optimise filling processes to ensure efficient filling and increased productivity.

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