Recycling Lab for paper-based products

Is this recyclable? 🧐 A question we and our customers hear often. 

The tests are carried out on various paper and paper-based packaging products developed by Mondi and can determine whether the packaging can be efficiently recycled. The laboratory works in a similar way to industrial recycling facilities, but on a smaller scale. Results generated provide concrete evidence that the material can be recycled. 

Conducting the recycling tests in-house speeds up the development process for sustainable packaging solutions. The data collected at the laboratory can be used to improve existing products and provide reliable information about their environmental impact. We will also use the tests to determine how new packaging should be designed and developed as well as how best to keep the materials in circulation, focusing on the circular economy of paper and paper-based packaging.

In the R&D team, we are committed to delivering innovative and recyclable packaging materials with a short time-to-market as well as contributing to the sustainable growth of our business.

The benefits of recycling data

The ability to provide to our customers empirical data on product recyclability is a key enabler in our efforts to grow with our more sustainable solutions and, in turn, make progress towards our MAP2030 goals. At the same time, we offer the services to any company that needs a recyclability certificate for their products to support their path to sustainability.

The testing allows the manufacturers to identify the recycling performance of a packaging, providing concrete evidence that the product is designed for recycling according to standard. The data collected improve the products and provide more reliable and comprehensive information on the environmental impact of the packaging. Test results can provide the data to decide how new packaging will be developed and designed.