R&D collaborations

  • Christian Doppler Laboratory for Fibre Swelling and Paper Performance

    This international team of scientists, led by Associate Professor Ulrich Hirn of the Technical University of Graz with support from Mondi, studies how paper fibres behave during and after absorption and desorption of liquids, such as printing inks. In high-speed inkjet printing, for example, swelling processes after application of the ink and during drying are particularly relevant. Fibre swelling caused by the moisture of the ink can lengthen drying time and cause the paper to buckle or curl. Yet, fibre swelling also gives the paper more strength. Research done by scientists in this Christian Doppler Laboratory contributes to the development of Mondi’s best-in-class inkjet papers, which are engineered to function perfectly with our OEM partners’ printing machines. This research also supports development of Mondi’s high performance, paper-based packaging materials. Learn more

  • Flippr² (Future LIgnin and PulP Research: Process Integration)

    Flippr² is a collaborative research project involving Mondi, the pulp and paper companies Sappi and Heinzel, and three universities. The main objective of the collaboration is to develop future business opportunities for the partners, using lignin and modern fibres. Apart from new business development, the research done through the Flippr² project will lead to innovative co-products from fines and spent liquor, formerly a waste product of chemical pulping. Mondi’s specific research focus as part of Flippr² falls into three areas: to develop new methods to instantly determine pulp quality and pulp yield; to identify cost efficient technologies to extract lignin from spent black liquor; to develop applications for the extracted organic fraction from black liquor. Learn more

  • Christian Doppler Laboratory for Mass Transport through Paper

    The scientists of the CD Laboratory for Mass Transport through Paper are microscopically investigating the pore structure of paper to develop mathematical models to aid the scientific investigation of various transport processes through paper. This research has implications for a number of commercial applications, including how ink behaves in the pore structure of paper during printing, the ventilation processes when filling paper sacks with bulk materials, and the reciprocal effects between packaging and packaged goods, especially food. This research, along with the research of two other CD Labs, is a scientific cooperation between Mondi and Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) in Austria.