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Our value chain

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Wood fibre
Pulp mill
Wood fibre
Paper mill
Pulp and paper for recycling
Virgin and recycled containerboard, kraft paper and uncoated fine paper
Film-extrusion and nonwoven production
Converting operations
Resins, films and other materials
Corrugated packaging, industrial bags, extrusion coatings, advanced films and hygiene components, release liner and consumer goods packaging

What we rely on

  • Our well-invested, low-cost, high-quality integrated mills and converting operations
  • A strong financial position to fund our business and pursue relevant growth opportunities
  • Our talented and committed people
  • Sustainable access to natural resources such as fibre and water, as well as fuels and electricity
  • Strong partnerships with our suppliers and our customers
  • Our constructive working relationships with communities, governments, NGOs and other stakeholders

What makes us successful

Our consistent and focused long-term strategy gives us the framework for creating value for our stakeholders. We believe the ongoing success of our business is closely linked to the following key success drivers.

  • We enjoy inherent sustainable cost advantages from our low-cost production assets and exposure to emerging markets, which also offer long-term structural growth
  • By being integrated through the value chain, we are able to improve the security of supply and reduce exposure to price volatility
  • Our focus on operational efficiency provides benefits including savings in costs, production time and resource inputs
  • Our strong market positions bring us benefits and enable us to better serve our customers
  • We are innovative across our value chain in the manufacturing process and in product design
  • Our commitment to sustainable development safeguards the long-term future of our business
  • By providing a healthy and safe work environment, we increase engagement and productivity
  • The scale and global reach of our operations brings us cost benefits and a consistently high level of quality and service across different regions
  • Our proactive risk management allows us to identify, evaluate and respond to the ever changing business environment

What we create

  • We deliver value to our shareholders through capital appreciation and distribution of dividends
  • We generate cash to reinvest in our business
  • We develop and train our people
  • We support regional economies and local communities
  • We actively promote sustainable and healthy ecosystems