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We are a leading supplier of office, digital, pre-print and offset papers in Germany. We cooperate closely with leading paper merchants and take exceptional care of quality, innovation and environmental aspects of all our products.

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Our most popular brands are IQ, MAESTRO®, BIO TOP 3®, Nautilus®, DNS® and Color Copy - the leading paper in the color laser segment in Europe.

Furthermore we create new standards by innovation and sustainability with our uncoated fine paper products. The Mondi Green Range, our "green" assortment, exclusively consists of FSC™ certified, TCF-paper (total chlorine free) or 100% recycling paper. This offers a unique combination of quality and environmental protection - sheet by sheet.

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Our partners - paper merchants

Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper is a leading producer of Paper for home and office applications, as well as any professionals such as printers, publishers or agencies.

You are looking for the right paper? We offer a strong network of competent distribution partners.

You can find them through our » Dealer Locator.

Or as a pdf‐download in our » current distribution partner list.

For professional printers, digital printers, publishers

Mondi's digital printing paper is applicable to all modern digital printing machinery and is offered in all most established digital printing formats. It is also usable with all toner and inkjet printing procedures. If you are using a combined offset method, we also have the right answer for you.

We are pleased to present our assortment to you personally and advise you, from which of our partners you can order the right paper for your specific purpose.

Please do not hesitate to set up a » personal meeting with us.

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