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Mondi Szczecin Sp. z o.o. produces cardboard (flute F, E, B, C, BC, EB, EF) and a wide variety of packaging solutions ranging from regular slotted cases to die-cut and glued products (up to seven points glued boxes). Mondi Szczecin Sp. z o.o. also offers logistic concepts as well as additional services such as stock-keeping, laboratory testing and development work.

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Facts & figures

Plant type

Integrated plant


Cardboard (flute F, E, B, C, BC, EB, EF)

Regular slotted cases


Glued products (up to seven points glued boxes)

Other Services, Special competences/specialisation

Logistic concepts


Laboratory testing (sample analysis)

Development work (print technology consultancy, packaging process optimisation, packaging concepts for automation)

Key segments

Food- , Hygiene- and Consumer goods Industries (FMCG),

Postal Service & Mail-order sales

Clothing Industry

Furniture Industry

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