The simple act of recognising diversity in corporate life helps us to connect the great variety of gifts that people bring to the work and service of the corporation.(Max De Pree)

At Mondi, everyone is equal. Recognising and supporting diversity is key to our company and our success.

To this end, we strive for an inclusive environment, as it is our differences that make us strong. Our objective is to engage, involve and inspire everyone.

Our respect for and appreciation of diversity is supported by creating a positive experience for our people and embedded in every step of their way – from attracting talent and developing our employees so they can grow to their full potential, to making them true ambassadors of Mondi when they move on.

We are committed to offering the best possible work environment for our people and let them know that their contribution is valued, and their individual situation is taken into account. We support them to work flexibly in order to make important life choices and to manage their work-life demands.

We know that our diverse, talented and skilful people are key to our business competitiveness and long-term sustainability. This is why we provide an exciting and inclusive environment, where everyone feels safe to speak their mind, and where our people can inspire each other and grow together.

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