Dieter Dillen
Application Engineer

Mondi Belcoat

What’s your job at Mondi and where do you work?
I’m an Application Engineer at Mondi extrusion coatings, Belgium. My job is twofold: One part is application engineering, which means I develop, together with the rest of the team, new products for customers and support our own production department on a technical level. I’m the technical point of contact for suppliers, customers, colleagues and our own production plant. Secondly, I’m assigned to developing the technical capability vision and strategy.

What did you study or do before you joined Mondi?
I studied for a Master’s degree in Industrial engineering and chemistry and added one year of Polymer Processing Engineering Technology.

When did you start working for Mondi?
I started working at Mondi in 2009.

Did you have a different role at Mondi earlier?
After a first year of assisting the application engineers, I moved to the quality department where I was responsible for claim handling and improvement projects, which was perfect for getting to understand all different products in detail. However, the goal was always to join the applications team again.

What do you like most about working at Mondi?
I appreciate that taking responsibility is encouraged. Good ideas are always taken into consideration and if approved, resources are provided to make it happen.

What are your colleagues like?
There is an open atmosphere at my plant and colleagues are always open to answer questions and to teach each other in all different levels of the organization. In the development team (5 people) everyone has their specific strengths, which makes it a complementary team and they’re all nice to work with.

What’s your secret talent?
I’d like to think I’m good at multitasking and having the ability to switch fast between different topics.

What’s your dream job?
This would be a job, which has an important impact on human and ecological level and still have enough time available for my family. Or something completely different, like a ranger in the woods of Canada.

How do you like to spend your free time?
In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, daughter and dog. I also love going for a walk in nature, playing football and going for a runfrom time to time. I regularly attend music concerts and in between I’m still finishing renovating my house.

What matters most to you?
My family

Something else you’d like to add?
I’d like to thank Mondi for providing me with the chance to grow and my colleagues for their support during the last 10 years.