Emilia, Magdalena and Madlen
Student Exchange Programme

Mondi Dynäs and Mondi Frantschach
Sweden and Austria

Mondi Frantschach and Mondi Dynäs have been running a successful student exchange programme since 2016. In 2022 again three students got the opportunity to work in Austria and Sweden. 

Meet Magdalena and Madlen, who worked at Mondi Dynäs for one month. In return Emilia, Swedish water-engineering student from Uppsala University, completed a 4-week internship at the R&D Innovation Centre at Mondi Frantschach.

Mondi Frantschach has an ongoing cooperation with a technical college in Wolfsberg for this exchange. Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme by the European Union, students are given the opportunity to do a 4-week internship at a company abroad. Mondi Frantschach is once again enabling two students from HTL Wolfsberg College to complete a 4-week internship in Sweden. Mondi Dynäs has a cooperation with several universities and has been involved in this exchange project since 2016.

We were curious to ask Magdalena, Madlen and Emilia some questions about their time in Sweden and Austria

What are your tasks in Dynäs/Frantschach and in which department do you work?

Magdalena and Madlen: We are working in the office. Our main task is the digitalisation of documents.

Emilia: I am working in the R&D Innovation Centre in Frantschach. I test paper grades, prepare sheets and support in tests with starch.

How was it experiencing Northern Europe in summer?

Magdalena: It is amazing. There are definitely some differences between Austria and Sweden you need to get adapted to like it being bright outside the whole day and the "summer weather" not being that summery. You need to accept that there are things you need to get used to in a different country, but Sweden is a beautiful country. It has such a beautiful landscape, everywhere you go there is something unique you wouldn't find anywhere else and the people are always really friendly. 

Madlen: It is very different to Austria. At home the sun goes down in the summer at about 9pm. Here in Dynäs it is always bright outside. In the first days I lost sense of time because no matter what time it was, the sun was always there. The temperature over here is very different too. Most of the time it is only about 20 degrees, so for me it is pretty cold for summer. But the landscape is amazing and you can see a lot of wild animals, I even saw a reindeer and a moose.

How did you like Austria?

Emilia:  It is very nice in Frantschach! I love the Austrian mountains, it is very green here and I like it to be at the countryside.

How would you describe your colleagues?

Magdalena:  Like mentioned earlier, the people are very friendly. They gave us a warm welcome and offered their help wherever they could. They weren't just engaged to help us workwise, they also wanted us to have a good stay so everybody recommended beautiful places that we should visit and I'm sure without them we would not have discovered so many great places. 

Madlen: The colleagues at Mondi are very kind. Everybody welcomed us and wished us a good time. Most of the time our colleagues also came with a map and circled all of the places that we should visit. No matter what question we had, everybody listened and tried to help us.

Emilia: My colleagues are very nice; they even tried to teach me German – that is fun.

How would you describe Mondi as an employer?

Magdalena: I got the feeling by just working there for a month that Mondi is a good employer. The company looks out for their employees and there is a good work environment. 

Madlen: For Mondi, employee satisfaction is the top priority. Therefore, our entire stay, including accommodation and a car, was organised for us. In my opinion, Mondi offers their employees many opportunities to develop and grow both professionally and personally.

Emilia: When I applied for an internship, I was not aware that Mondi is such a big and global corporation. Here in Frantschach, I really like it that the team gave me such a warm welcome. I lived in one of the mill’s company houses, with the big garden and nice neighbours, who also work at Mondi.

Are there any learnings or experiences from your internship that you will take with you?

Magdalena: Of course! There are many experiences from this internship that I will never forget. Really using the things you learn in school is a great experience, but I didn't just learn how to do my tasks, I also learned to be more independent. The internship was also a great opportunity for me to improve my English. 

Madlen: Definitely! I learned a lot for my life and got to know another culture. My English got better and I can understand and talk a little bit in Swedish now. I learned how to put my knowledge and skills from school into practice.  It was an amazing time in Sweden I will never forget it!

Emilia: For me it is always important to learn. I got insights how a pulp and paper mill works and I have to say, I like to see the big picture. I want to thank my colleagues for this great internship and I want to thank the Frantschach team who gave me the opportunity to visit the Mondi Group Office in Vienna and Staffan Berglund who guided me through the building - I was very inspired.