Ksenia Belyaeva
Project Manager Business Excellence

Mondi Syktyvkar

What’s your job at Mondi and where do you work?
I have worked for the Business Excellence Team from the day of its creation in March 2015. Our small team leads changes in the mill, improving processes, systems and approaches. We base our work on project management methodology, data analysis and the Lean toolbox.

What did you study or do before you joined Mondi?
I learned English and German at university and, after graduation, stayed for a couple of years teaching at my alma mater. I never stopped learning and received my second major in Human Resources 3 years later.

When did you start working for Mondi?
My career at Mondi began in 2008. I worked as an interpreter in the STEP Project team and supported the Project Director for a few months. My career as personal assistant to the mill’s Finance Director began in 2009. This was a very challenging and exciting time, which helped me to get to know people and processes in detail.

What do you like most about working at Mondi
We certainly have the best experience in process engineering, cross-functional knowledge and experience exchange within the mill and within Mondi Group. We successfully implement projects – both large investment programs and local initiatives. We are dynamic and ambitious and never stop aspiring to achieve.

What are your colleagues like?
What is special about our team is its multifaceted background, from production and technology to maintenance and procurement. We are driven by the challenges that our daily environment brings and help our company become better.

What is your secret talent?
My secret talent is “seeing the future”. In most cases, I know what is going to happen next when working on projects – for example, how someone is going to react or what our next steps will be. Mostly it is thanks to being attentive to the emotions of my colleagues. The most important part is that it helps me to propose timely counteractions and keep the team balanced.

How do you like to spend your free time? 
My favorite hobby is volleyball. I am a team player, both at work and in my private life. What matters most to me is the support I get from my mates, interaction and drive. Besides the esprit de corps, it is a good opportunity to stay in good shape and let off steam. I started learning French recently, which is an important brain fitness exercise for me.