Mariyana Stoyanova
Senior Procurement Specialist

Mondi Stambolijski

What’s your job at Mondi and where do you work?
I am Senior Procurement Specialist and Key User SAP MM at Mondi Stambolijski, Bulgaria.

What did you study or do before you joined Mondi?
As a teenager I was obsessed with computer science. That was at a time when it was really gaining popularity. So right after high school I enrolled in a Master’s Degree program in Information Technologies at the University of Plovdiv. I already knew, even then, that IT would transform all kinds of human activity. It was also to have a big impact on improving work-related processes and increasing business productivity and efficiency.

When did you start working for Mondi?
Actually, I started at the mill 8 years before it was acquired by Mondi in 2006.

Did you have a different role at Mondi before that?
I started my first job in the mill. Holding an IT diploma somehow  got me into the IT department. Though I spent less than a year there, it gave me a great starting point for the longer-term development of my  career in procurement. This is an area where technology skills are important too because of work process automation and embracing new software and tools in our daily work. Over the past few years, our procurement processes have undergone a significant transformation towards digitalisation.

What do you like most about working at Mondi?
The fact that it combines a fast-paced working environment with a caring team culture. Every single day, I get the opportunity to learn and challenge myself, while at the same time feeling part of a strong team where colleagues stand up for each other. Being able to contribute, learn and feel happy at work is really important to me.

What are your colleagues like?
They are hard-working and fun.

What’s your dream job?
For me, the dream job does not necessarily imply being in a particular job. It’s more about what the job offers and how it makes me feel. My dream job would be one that offers a mix of challenging tasks and inspiring projects, and opportunities to learn and grow, allowing me to utilise my skills and feel happy, useful and satisfied. Despite the digital era we live in, I think personal interaction with others is a must-have element of my dream job.

How do you like to spend your free time?
I try to dedicate every spare minute I have to my children and family. We spend our time together talking, taking walks or visiting new places.

What matters most to you?
My family matters most to me. Being a mother of two kids is an important role that involves a lot of responsibility. It requires continuous effort and patience, and provides opportunities for a lot of learning too.

Somthing else you'd like to add?
“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.” - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

What is the value you bring to Mondi or our customers through your work?
I am passionate about process optimisation and new ways of working. However, I believe that in the long term my efforts to create sustainable relationships with internal and external customers is the greatest value I bring to the company.