Beatrix Praeceptor
Chief Procurement Officer

Company: Mondi AG
Country / Territory: Austria

Since the beginning of my career, I have always been working in supply chain management and procurement, which I personally see as one of the most interesting fields in any company due to its cross-functional collaboration needs and the broad implication across the entire business.

I started in 1990 with Philips Industries (consumer electronics) working in different procurement management functions in Austria and Hungary. In 1999 I took a maternity break during which I combined the birth of my kids with studying economics and general management. In 2001 I started with Lafarge S.A. (building materials) where I become supply chain manager for the cement division in 2008.

I joined Mondi in December 2011 and since then I have enjoyed every single day. The cross-functional and inter-cultural working environment combined with the possibility to really move things forward is extremely satisfying. Each business segment has its own culture and its own way of working but they all fit together into the Mondi values and cultural characteristics. The people working in this company have a dynamic which I have not seen often in other companies.