Can Bayraktar
SHE and Technical Customer Service Executive

Company: Mondi Tire Kutsan Paper and Packaging Inc., Containerboard, Packaging Paper
Country / Territory: Turkey

My first contact with Mondi was just after my post-graduation from university where my lecturer was working on an environmental project with Mondi Tire Mill. At that time Mondi was searching for an environmental engineer for their upcoming sustainable development projects and my lecturer recommended me to apply for this position.

I was lucky and have been assigned as an environmental engineer for a couple of SD projects in Mondi Tire Mill in 2012. It was exciting and a great learning experience for me which made a perfect start of my career. Following the first 2 years, I took over the responsibility for quality control and assurance processes together with environment. This position gave me the perfect chance to improve managerial and communication skills while working with colleagues from different Mondi plants and by having benchmarks and discover new opportunities for my areas of responsibility. After that the management offered me the chance to work in the SHE department (Safety, Health and Environment) and also being responsible for the Technical Customer Service.

In all my positions, I found a dynamic and multi-cultural working environment, by working together with diverse people from all around the world.

I am really glad to be a part of the Mondi team throughout my whole career.