Wolfgang Kropiunik
Head of Business Development; Western Europe

Company: Mondi Paper Sales GmbH - Uncoated Fine Paper
Country / Territory: Austria

When I joined Mondi in 2002, I found a team of dedicated people who support each other, demand high performance and give you the same in return.

My first business unit was Coatings where I worked as an information technology director for three years. During this time I was part of several SAP roll-outs and business re-engineering projects. Simply put: I was not bored a single day, not even an hour.

When I got the opportunity to live in Paris with my family, I was able to hand over my ongoing projects to other colleagues and went on a half year sabbatical, but I stayed in touch with Mondi colleagues, if not every day then at least weekly. Upon my return I managed the post-merger integration of eight newly acquired plants and eventually moved into marketing. My marketing skills paved the way into Uncoated Fine Paper where I took over the lead of the marketing team in 2009.

During this time we transformed from a team of product and brand managers into a team which handles in addition also customer marketing activities, develops new products and also new business in dedicated streams such as high-speed inkjet or converting and packaging.

The high-speed inkjet business development role I took with me when I moved into sales. I continue to experience new challenges, issues and success every day – which is why I am convinced that Mondi is the right place for me.