What are the Mondi Diamond Awards?

The Mondi Diamond Awards recognise people and teams across Mondi for their outstanding contributions and celebrate excellence. It creates a platform for best practice sharing while spotlighting great efforts and achievements.

Since 2008, the Mondi Diamond Awards are held every few years. Colleagues from all across the Mondi world take part in the 3-stage awards process, inspiring us with their innovation, determination and people centred approach.

Our participants

The participants have the unique opportunity to present their work to the Group Executive Committee, and the finalists share their knowledge and insights with Mondi’s broader leadership team. The experience includes personal coaching sessions where finalists learn lifelong presentation and storytelling skills, enabling them to present to groups of any scale. It also provides a platform for the teams from across the world to interact, learn and be inspired by each other.

In 2022, 118 teams entered the competition and six winners, one in each category, were announced as part of the Leadership Forum in Barcelona on 30 June 2022.

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