In line with our focus on quality and excellence, we are constantly expanding our tailormade offer to make sure we provide the very best up-to-date training for leadership skills, business intelligence and insights into our products.

As well as ongoing personal development, our participants appreciate the numerous networking opportunities at our seminars where they can connect across countries and cultures with our external partners.

The programme


Seminar                                            Date
Introduction to Corrugated Packaging 11-12 April
From Fibre to Sack Kraft Paper 08-09 May
Introduction to Bag Filling Technology 13-14 June
From Fibre to Office Paper 19-20 June
Release Liner 25-26 September
Extrusion Coating Technology 13-14 November
Introduction to Industrial Bag Technology 30-31 October
Introduction to Consumer Packaging 27-28 November

How to apply

To receive information on The Mondi Academy admission policy and seminar prices, please fill in the online enquiry form and click the seminars you are interested in. You can also contact us directly by phone or fax.

You will be sent an application form by mail with details on:

  • final admission;
  • organisational matters; and
  • final specifications.

If you are a Mondi employee and would like to apply for The Mondi Academy seminars, please do so via the Mondi intranet site, rather than via this website.

How to book

Contact The Mondi Academy:

Mondi AG
The Mondi Academy
Marxergasse 4A
AT - 1030, Vienna
Tel: +43 1 790 13 - 4608
Fax: +43 1 790 13 974

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