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From Fibre to Office Paper


The Programme

In this seminar a comprehensive introduction to the manufacturing of paper - from the raw material to the finished good of uncoated fine paper - is imparted on the participants. A tour through the mill complements the theoretical input.

Benefits of attending

Participants will get to know the key processes and machines involved in pulp and paper manufacturing and will experience how a paper mill works in practice.

Who should attend?

This seminar is not specifically tailored to a predefined profile, hence open for all functions and levels in the paper business. Particularily newcomers to the business will benefit from this seminar.

Topics include

  • Mondi uncoated fine paper: Mondi structure, production sites, production volumes; markets, distribution channels, customers, market development and growth rates; Mondi key competitors
  • History of papermaking: overview, production process in history, technological milestones, influence of copy technology on papermaking
  • From wood to pulp production: raw materials, wood yard, pulping process, chemical cycle of a pulp mill, energy
  • Stock preparation: bale handling & feeding, slushing, cleaning, screening, storing, refining, etc.; quality control; pulp testing; physical properties
  • Paper machine: types; approach system, wire section, head box, press and drying section, surface treatment, calendering, reeling; quality control
  • Finishing & warehousing: winding, sheeter, cutting, wrapping, logistic centre
  • Testing & paper quality: quality process and parameters, physical and optical properties, lab testing devices, online control systems,
  • Customer requirements: uncoated fine paper products and customer requirements, end uses, possible problems and appropriate solutions, paper and print quality; ColorLok™ technology; benefits for end users
  • Mill tours in Kematen and Hausmening


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