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From Fibre to Sack Kraft Paper


The Programme

In this seminar participants gain a thorough overview about the manufacturing process from the raw material to the pulp production process and the end use of sack kraft paper.

Who should attend?

This training is not specifically tailored to a predefined target group, hence open for all functions and levels in the paper industry. Particularily newcomers to the business will benefit from this seminar.

Benefits of attending

Participants will get to know the key processes and machines involved in the production process as well as a historical overview of papermaking. They will experience how a paper mill producing sack kraft paper works in practical.

Topics include

  • From wood to pulp production: raw materials, wood yard, pulping process, chemical cycle of a pulp mill, energy
  • Unbleached market pulp: speciality pulp lines and production, pulp qualities
  • Pulp bleaching: aims and trends in the bleaching technology, technical terms, different ways of bleaching, ECF (Elementary Chlorine Free) and TCF (Total Chlorine Free) pulp, environmental aspects
  • Paper production and technology: stock preparation, wood grades; head box, wire part, drying and press section, Clupak unit; winding
  • High quality paper: customer requirements, characterisation of paper and sack constructions, development of Advantage One
  • MG (Machine Glazed) production: history and development, different concepts, technology: fibres, stock preparation, refining; cleaning process, dilution system and head box; press section; drying process, winding and cutting, wrapping; MG production volumes; end uses, quality & lab parameters, main properties; quality control systems
  • Paper testing: online quality control systems, test equipment, properties of sack kraft pape
  • Packaging solutions: customer requirements, possible problems and appropriate solutions; tubing machine & bottomer
  • Plant tour through Mondi Frantschach

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