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Introduction to Bag Filling Technology


The Programme

This seminar gives a comprehensive introduction to the Mondi bag filling technology and focuses on possible customer claims as well as appropriate solutions. The theory is complemented with a tour through the plant of FIP Natrotech.

Who should attend?

This seminar is designed for people with a commercial responsibility, for all sales people and technical employees in the area of customer service.

Benefits of attending

In this training participants will gain a good understanding of the process of bag filling as well as receive an overview of the equipment and technology. Possible customer claims will be addressed and appropriate solutions presented.

Topics include

  • Supplier, market & type of filling machines: overview of manufacturers and markets, various types of filling machines and their respective application
  • Function of the filling machine: filling cycle, standard values, basic maintenance and bag calculation; new filling technology and optional equipment
  • Ultrasonic valve closing system: technology, advantages, generator, converter, sonotrodes, process, parameters
  • Possible problems and solutions: impact of wrong setup, problems in bag production, solutions and improvements, quality targets
  • Machine settings: bag feeding, bag singling, valve opening and shooting, influence of spouts
  • Maintenance check and neuralgic points: downtime analysis, bag applicator components
  • Bulk materials: physical properties, filling principles and equipment, strategic conclusions
  • Innovations: Easy SealĀ® - values and parameters, patents
  • BAC - The Bag Application Centre: equipment, test methods
  • Mondi Natrotech: presentation, history, markets
  • Plant tour through Mondi Natrotech, practical filling exercises

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