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Introduction to Industrial Bag Technology


The Programme

This training gives a comprehensive introduction to the Mondi bag converting business and includes a plant tour to experience the theoretical input in real life.

Who should attend?

The seminar is not specifically tailored to a predefined profile, hence open to all levels and functions within Mondi. Particularily newcomers to the bag business will benefit from the training.

Benefits of attending

Participants will gain a good understanding of the process of bag making as well as the technology, markets and respective end uses.

Topics include

  • From pulp to paper: pulp production, paper technology (stock preparation, head box, wire & press section, Clupak unit); customer requirements of sack kraft paper, characterisation of paper and sack construction, development of Advantage One
  • Bag construction: fundamental requirements and specifications, sack construction and types, one ply sack (benefits, applications); layout of a paper bag factory
  • Tubers: overview, production steps, facilities of in-line printing, perforation and pasting
  • Bottomers and automation: principals of bag construction, different concepts of bottomers, feeders; automatic transfer as the connection between tuber and bottomer; palletisers
  • Glue: basics about adhesives, classification and terminology, function of adhesives, factors influencing adhesion, water-based and hot-melt adhesives, properties, housekeeping, Mondi databook: glues
  • Flexoprinting technology: overview, basic flexoprinting and stamp making technologies, ink supply systems, colour to colour register, CI, printing cylinders and sleeve systems, printing machines, full colour printing
  • Mondi developments: ONE&ONEPLUS, PJ Valve, Airstream Bags, Mini/WorldWindow Bags, security label, water soluable and sealable valves, injection gluing
  • Plant tour through Mondi Frantschach and Zeltweg

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