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Environmental Coordinator

Sack kraft paper (Packaging Paper), Speciality kraft paper (Packaging Paper), Safety / Health / Environment, USA

Role responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the implementation and monitoring of programs that will ensure plant environmental compliance with applicable Federal, state and local regulations and permits
  • Coordinate Federal, state and local reporting and documentation requirements concerning permitting, SARA reporting, air emissions, and waste water
  • Coordinating with the audits and inspection material to ensure conformity with the plan.
  • Oversee environmental operations to ensure regulatory compliance and permit renewals.
  • Coordinate and verify the work progress as per the relevant specifications and company's environmental systems.
  • Assist in designing, preparing, implementing and maintaining the environmental project plan.
  • Make certain that documents and records are filed as per the contract filing system.
  • Overview and coordinate environmental operations in order to ensure permit renewals and regulatory compliance.
  • Inspect the site for environmental compliances.
  • Provide training and assistance to the team members.
  • Make sure that industrial operations are regulated as per the state and local changing conditions.
  • Determine the root cause of environment issues and plan for appropriate actions to overcome them.
  • Find out potential environmental risks and design for mitigation plan.
  • Maintain clear and complete documentations for reference purpose during environmental operations.
  • Team up with the management to upgrade activities and schedule periodic maintenance.
  • Keep updated documents which enclose regulations and environmental policies
  • Work with cross-functional groups to maintain monitoring programs and environmental management.
  • Determine areas of improvement to lessen environmental wastes and damages.
  • Other duties are performed under the guidance and direction of the Supervisor/Manager.

Our requirements:

  • Candidates need to have good knowledge of updated research methods, concepts and state environment.
  • Knowledge of various computer software packages.
  • Proficient knowledge of required environmental statutory assets, environmental requirements and laws pertaining to the paper manufacturing industry.
  • Ability to develop and maintain good relationships with people they interact with.
  • Knowledge of rules and regulations along with quality review act along with proficiency in writing reports.
  • Ability to carry out administrative or staff assignments and present them in writing or verbal format.
  • Ability to share technical ideas and concepts with public and non-technical personnel.
  • Good judgment, planning and strategy making skills are essential
  • Previous experience of performing similar role as it pertains to Air & Water permitting
  • Good verbal and writing skills
  • Problem solving capability
  • Ability to manage, lead, participate and schedule multiple activities
  • Ready to work in remote locations if required
  • Ability to work dynamically in various work environment


  • Fluent in English


  • Bachelor’ in Environmental Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering or technically related field


  • Must have 5+ years of experience in Enviromental Compliance
  • Experience in preparation of Air Permitting
  • OSHA Health & Safety compliance programs, inspection and training
  • Individual must have strong organizational, interpersonal, and oral/written communication skills and be proficient in MS Office products

We offer:

  • an interesting job within the packaging & paper industry
  • to be part of a successful multicultural company
  • an empowering environment
  • several training opportunities (e.g. The Mondi Academy)
  • Competitive benefit package

Contact person:

If you are a dynamic and open-minded team player whose working style is characterised by flexibility and you are looking for a position where you take on even more responsibilities, take the first step and send your application to [email protected].

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