Mondi’s dual listed company structure requires us to comply with the principles contained in the South African King IV Code of Corporate Governance Principles (available at and the provisions of the April 2016 edition of the UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the Financial Reporting Council (available at

It is the view of the Boards that Mondi has complied throughout the year with all the provisions of the UK Corporate Governance Code. During the year, Mondi has assessed its compliance with King IV, which was published in November 2016 and replaces King III, and as a result, the Boards are also of the view that Mondi has been in compliance with the principles of King IV. A more detailed analysis of Mondi’s compliance with King IV is available below.

The Boards note the Financial Reporting Council’s consultation on a new UK Corporate Governance Code. We are monitoring developments and await the final outcome of the consultation, at which time we will review any potential implications for Mondi.

For further details regarding Mondi’s corporate governance please refer to the report contained in the Integrated report and financial statements 2017.