Stand for honesty and integrity.
Always speak out.

Mondi is committed to ethical business practice and conduct. Acting with integrity is one of our core values.

To support our commitment to integrity Mondi created SpeakOut, a 100% confidential service for all colleagues, customers, partners and other stakeholders to raise any concern relating to potential bribery, discrimination, fraud, corruption, environmental pollution, major safety and health violations, harassment or other significant topics.

Mondi SpeakOut is available 24/7 and is supported by SpeakUp®, a secure platform managed by People Intouch, an international leader in private and secure misconduct reporting.

Mondi's Code of Business Ethics is at the heart of everything we do. These, its five principles, stand behind SpeakOut: 

Legal Compliance

Mondi will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

Honesty and Integrity

Mondi will observe the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Human Rights

Mondi will respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Mondi will have due regard to the interests of all its stakeholders including shareholders, employees, customers, business partners and communities.


Mondi will conduct its business sustainably, ensuring safety, health and the protection of the environment.

Get advice on when to use SpeakOut

How to use SpeakOut.

Please use SpeakOut if you have concerns that you cannot share with your manager, HR or your usual Mondi contact.

SpeakOut is easy to use, free, confidential and available 24/7:

  • Call the toll free number of your country (note that for some countries only landline phone can be used), or visit your country’s weblink and select ‘email’. Find all our SpeakOut contacts here.
  • Enter the unique access code 23807.
  • Write down your case number – and keep it handy for future reference.
  • Leave a message – remember to include your location, dates, places and relevant documents. You do not have to give your name.
  • Check back in a week for a response to your message.

Important: recording a message via SpeakOut does not constitute a ‘legal notice’ to Mondi.

What happens next?

  • SpeakOut is a Mondi initiative supported by the reporting platform SpeakUp®, which is managed by People Intouch, an independent third party and leader in confidential misconduct reporting. The overall process is coordinated by Mondi's Internal Audit.
  • Once you have left your message, People Intouch will transcribe it and then erase the ‘spoken’ version. In this way, no one at Mondi will hear your voice.
  • The transcribed message is then sent to Mondi’s Response Team, typically within one working day.
  • A Response Team, consisting of independent Mondi senior managers, will review the message and follow up within a week.
  • Check the answer by using the phone number/web link and inserting Mondi’s unique access code 23807. If no answer is available after a week, try in a few days, or leave a new message in the same case.

SpeakOut is confidential

We want you to feel confident about using SpeakOut. You are not required to identify yourself in any SpeakOut message. You can remain anonymous if you wish to do so.

Likewise, if you submitted supporting documents and would like to remain anonymous, please make sure that your contact details are not mentioned in the attachments or in its properties.

If you do decide to leave your name, then someone from the Response Team can directly contact you to discuss your concern.

All concerns raised will be treated seriously and in the strictest confidence. Employees who raise an issue or concern will not be discriminated against in any way.

Find all our SpeakOut contacts here