Contact Details

If you have any queries relating to your shareholding these should be directed to our transfer secretary (registrar), JSE Investor Services (Pty) Limited.

Transfer Secretary (Registrar):

JSE Investor Services (Pty) Limited   (JSE Investor Services)


Postal Address:

PO Box 4844
Johannesburg, 2000
South Africa


Helpline Number:

011 713 0800 (SA callers)
+27 11 713 0800 (if calling from outside South Africa)



Shareholder Forms and Administration


Change of Address Form

Shareholders wishing to change their address should complete the Change of Address form and return to JSE Investor Services as directed.

Bank Mandate Form


Shareholders wishing to have their dividends paid directly into a bank account should complete the Bank Mandate form and return to JSE Investor Services as instructed.

Please note, Mondi plc shareholders on the South African branch register may only set up a mandate if they have a South African bank account.


Please view our Dividend page for more information on dividend payments or contact JSE Investor Services using their contact details above.


Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) Forms


Dividend reinvestment plans provide an opportunity for shareholders to have their cash dividends reinvested in Mondi plc ordinary shares as applicable.


Shareholders who are eligible for the DRIP should read the appropriate terms and conditions and complete the application form.

For further information on dividend reinvestment plans, please contact JSE Investor Services using their contact details above.





Strate is South Africa’s Central Securities Depository for equities, bonds and money markets. Strate provides electronic settlement of securities in South Africa. In order to hold shares electronically, shareholders must dematerialise their shares.


Dematerialisation refers to the process whereby paper share certificates are replaced with electronic records of ownership. Holding shares electronically can help to prevent share fraud, theft and loss of share certificates. Also, should you wish to sell your shares, you will be unable to do so unless you hold them in dematerialised form.

Shareholders wishing to dematerialise their shares must do so through a Central Securities Depository Participant (CSDP). CSDPs are the only market players who can liaise directly with Strate.


Our transfer secretary (registrar), JSE Investor Services, is also a CSDP operating under the name JSE Investor Services.


Shareholders who are not resident in South Africa experiencing difficulties cashing rand dividend cheques may like to consider dematerialising their shares with JSE Investor Services (or another CSDP) as they are able to pay dividends electronically into foreign bank accounts.

If you have any queries on dematerialisation, please contact CSDP Link Investor Services using the contact details for Link Market Services above.


Donating Shares to Charity


Strate Charity Shares

For shareholders wishing to dispose of small holdings of shares, the sale of which would be uneconomic, there is the option to donate the shares to charity.


In South Africa, Strate Charity Shares allow shareholders to donate unwanted shares free of charge. These shares are then aggregated, sold and the proceeds distributed to various charities.


Shareholders wishing to donate shares held on the South African branch register should complete the donation form and return to Strate Charity Shares as directed.

For further information relating to the donation of Mondi plc shares held on the South African branch register, please contact Strate:





[email protected]


Postal Address:

PO Box 78608
Sandton 2146
South Africa


Helpline Number:

0800 202 363 (SA callers)
+27 11 870 8207 (if calling from outside South Africa)





Mondi is unable to advise shareholders on taxation. Your tax obligations will vary depending on your jurisdiction and financial circumstances. With regard to your Mondi shareholding, we recommend all shareholders maintain records of dividend payments, share purchases and sales. A dividend confirmation will be sent with all dividend payments. For further assistance, please speak to an independent professional tax or financial adviser.





Shareholders can elect to access certain shareholder documents, for example the integrated report, electronically via Mondi’s website rather than receiving them by post. Electing to access documents in this way will mean you will receive an email alerting you each time Mondi circulates a new shareholder document or communication. This will contain a link that will direct you to the appropriate page on Mondi’s website where you can view the documents at your own convenience.


This has a number of benefits including faster notification of information, helping to reduce company costs and being more environmentally friendly.


Mondi plc shareholders on the South African branch register can elect to receive documents electronically by contacting JSE Investor Services on +27 (0)11 713 0800 or by emailing [email protected]