Shareview is a free secure online site provided by our registrar, Equiniti, where Mondi plc shareholders can manage their shareholding quickly and easily. You can:


  • View your holding and get an indicative valuation
  • Change your address
  • Arrange to have dividends paid into your bank account
  • Request to receive shareholder communications by email rather than post
  • View your dividend payment history
  • Make dividend payment choices
  • Buy and sell shares and access stock market news and information
  • Register your proxy voting instruction
  • Download a Stock Transfer form


To register for a Shareview Portfolio just visit All you need is your Shareholder Reference, which can be found on your share certificate or your dividend confirmation.


Contact Details

If you have any queries relating to your shareholding these should be directed to Equiniti.





Postal Address:

Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA
United Kingdom


Helpline Number:

  • +44 (0)371 384 2576 (Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm (UK time), Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in England and Wales)


Shareholder Forms and Administration


Change of Address Form

Shareholders wishing to change their address can complete the Change of Address form and return to Equiniti as directed.

Shareholders can also change their address online via their Shareview Portfolio at



All dividends are declared in euro but are paid in the following currencies:

Mondi plc euro
Mondi plc (UK residents) pounds sterling
Mondi plc (South African residents) South African rand
  • Mondi plc shareholders on the UK register resident in the UK may elect to receive their dividends in euro
  • Mondi plc shareholders on the UK register resident outside the UK may elect to receive their dividends in pounds sterling

Mondi plc shareholders on the UK register wishing to elect to receive their dividends in an alternative currency should refer to the Overseas Payment Service information below or contact Equiniti using the details provided.

If you would like to know more about dividends, please visit our Dividend Page.


Bank Mandate

Shareholders can arrange for their GBP or Euro dividends to be paid directly into their bank or building society account, you can download and complete the relevant form from

If shareholders hold 2,500 shares or less they can call Equiniti to update their details over the phone, or arrange for a mandate form to be posted to them.

To contact Equiniti, please use their contact details provided above.

Shareholders can also arrange to have dividends paid into their bank account online via their Shareview Portfolio at


Overseas Payment Service

Shareholders outside the UK may be able to take advantage of the Overseas Payment Service offered by Equiniti. The service can convert the dividend into the local currency and pay it quickly and securely into the shareholder’s bank account.

For more information, including the end user terms and charges, please visit


Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

The Dividend reinvestment plan provides an opportunity for shareholders to have their cash dividends reinvested in Mondi plc ordinary shares.

Please view our Dividend page for more information.


Shareholders who are eligible for DRIP can click here for more information and download the Mondi DRIP terms and conditions and an application form.


Donating Shares to Charity


For shareholders wishing to dispose of small holdings of shares, the sale of which would be uneconomic, there is the option to donate the shares to charity.


In the UK, ShareGift allows shareholders to donate unwanted shares free of charge. These shares are then aggregated, sold and the proceeds distributed to various charities.


Shareholders wishing to donate Mondi plc shares should visit the ShareGift website and proceed as directed.


For further information relating to the donation of Mondi plc shares and to find out more about how ShareGift works and the charities they support, please contact ShareGift:






Postal Address:

PO Box 72253


Helpline Number:

  • +44 (0)20 7930 3737



Mondi is unable to advise shareholders on taxation. Your tax obligations will vary depending on your jurisdiction and financial circumstances. With regard to your Mondi shareholding, we recommend all shareholders maintain records of dividend payments, share purchases and sales. A dividend confirmation will be sent with all dividend payments. For further assistance, please speak to an independent professional tax or financial adviser.



Shareholders can elect to access certain shareholder documents, for example the integrated report, electronically via Mondi’s website rather than receiving them by post. Electing to access documents in this way will mean you will receive an email alerting you each time Mondi circulates a new shareholder document or communication. This will contain a link that will direct you to the appropriate page on Mondi’s website where you can view the documents at your own convenience.


This has a number of benefits including faster notification of information, helping to reduce company costs and being more environmentally friendly.


Shareholders can elect to receive documents electronically by logging on to Shareview Portfolio at For further information please contact Equiniti using the contact details provided above.