• Annual General Meetings

    The Annual General Meetings of Mondi Limited and Mondi plc were both held on 7 May 2008. As required by the dual listed company structure, all resolutions were treated as Joint Electorate Actions and were decided on a poll. All resolutions at both meetings were passed except resolution 17. The voting results of the Joint Electorate Actions are identical and are attached below.

    Resolution 17 proposed that the directors be given authority to issue shares in Mondi Limited for cash, up to a limit of 5% of unissued share capital. Through the voting on resolution 17 and certain other resolutions, Mondi has become aware that South African shareholders have concerns about resolutions placing shares under the control of directors and, in particular, authorising the directors to issue shares for cash. We will look into this matter further to understand fully the concerns of South African shareholders, which we believe are not specific to Mondi.

  • Copies of the Mondi Group Annual report and accounts 2007 and Mondi Limited’s Annual report and accounts 2007 can be viewed using the following links:

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