Publication Date:

29 July 2014


“Orkla Foods Norge places high importance on effective supplier management. Excellent suppliers are a competitive advantage in our industry”, says Jan Saevareid, Purchasing Manager at Orkla Foods Norge. “With the Packaging Supplier Award, which we created 3 years ago, we acknowledge the value our best supplier brought to us in the last twelve months. We recognize Mondi Consumer Packaging as our best supplier 2013 because of the outstanding efforts to deliver always the best possible solutions and customer services. Mondi’s Nordic sales contact persons and the involved production facilities from Mondi side are a well coordinated team which we perceive as highly reliable and trustful.”

Mondi CGP supplies to Orkla Foods Norway directly from Solec and Mondi Styria and indirectly via Procordia Foods (Scunthorpe), and in qualification (Korneuburg). 


Orkla is the leading branded consumer goods company in the Nordic region. At present, Orkla operates in the branded consumer goods, aluminum solutions and financial investment sectors. The company’s strategic focus is on growth in its branded consumer goods operations. The Group has 30 000 employees in more than 40 countries and a turnover of NOK 61 billion. Orkla's Branded Consumer Goods Area is a leading supplier of branded consumer goods and concept solutions, primarily to the grocery and out-of-home channels. The business area mainly holds no. 1 and no. 2 positions in its categories. Most of the branded consumer goods are proprietary, and have been on the market for many years.

The bulk of the portfolio lies in the Nordic region and the Baltics, although the Branded Consumer Goods Area also holds several strong positions in Russia, India and Austria. Through Orkla Food Ingredients, The Branded Consumer Goods Area is also an important supplier to the European bakery market.