Mondi combines expertise in printing and packaging paper at FachPack

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30 September 2016

Mondi’s theme for this year’s FachPack is “Fresh ideas for your packaging and paper needs” and the company will highlight three key aspects of Mondi products and services: consistent customer focus, ongoing innovation and a focus on sustainability. Visitors can personally see those three qualities demonstrated by Mondi products at FachPack.

At its 376m2 booth, Mondi will exhibit a wide range of packaging solutions that make up its full-service offer. From plastic and paper-based packaging solutions, plastic films, speciality and sack kraft paper to uncoated fine paper, the company will demonstrate its variety of innovative solutions for customers in many industries. With its numerous packaging and paper specialities, Mondi’s solutions can combine elements of all its business areas for the benefit of customers.

Mondi will have for the first time an automotive corner at the booth showing its expertise as an innovative and trusted partner for customised solutions by presenting its offering from state-of-the-art packaging to extrusion coated multilayer complexes. The automotive industry is just one example of how Mondi is customer focused, with products such as the Protector Bag, an ideal packaging solution for bulky automotive parts, Pro-Therm®, a lightweight extrusion-coated solution used in all kinds of car parts for structural stiffness and sound absorption, and heavy duty corrugated constructive packaging for the safe transport of delicate or heavy automotive parts by road, sea or air.

“There will be a lot of fresh ideas to discover at the Mondi booth,” says Albert Klinkhammer, Marketing and Communications Director, Mondi Europe & International. “Our enthusiastic team looks forward to introducing visitors to the Mondi world, where we believe they will discover more than they expect. We hope our guests enjoy our exhibit, experience the great variety of packaging solutions we offer, and learn even more in conversation with our many packaging experts on site.”

Here are the highlights for this year’s FachPack:

Customer focused. Every day.

  • Convenience remains a strong packaging trend. Mondi has thus started an ‘easy-open initiative’ for solutions that make it easier for consumers of all ages to open packaging. The company will demonstrate several of these easy-open features, which benefit not only business customers but also the end-users of the products. Examples are CornerPack, which makes it easy to tear off the corners of packages, BowlPack, which can, once opened, be used as a bowl and be placed directly on the table, and StripePack, which can be torn open from numerous starting points along the entire length of the packaging.
  • HYBRIDPRO will mark the anniversary of its world premiere at last year’s FachPack. The next generation of water-repellent bags is designed to protect the products from direct rain and is mostly used for building materials and other moisture-sensitive products. Developed in collaboration with Knauf, this successful innovative product is a great example of Mondi’s ability to work together with its customers to develop the customised solutions they need.
  • Advantage MF SpringPack Plus is Mondi’s extremely strong brown premium speciality kraft paper especially designed for roll-packing and compressing goods that withstands the force from 10 - 15 compressed wrapped spring mattress units in one package, saving space, costs and making transport easier for customers.
  • Mondi will exhibit its full range of virgin and recycled containerboard paper grades, including ProVantage KraftTop LinerX. This grade, made of two layers, offers brilliant printability thanks to its virgin fibre top layer. It is the perfect choice for packing goods that require both strength and an eye-catching appearance on the shelf.

Innovative. Every day.

  • Mondi has developed a retail packaging concept that provides benefits in terms of sales promotion and sustainability. What looks like a standard transport box with high quality print, converts with some simple adjustments to a stage for imaginative kids play. Following the big success on the market, Mondi has realised this creative concept in a wide range of entertaining second uses - boosting the customer’s brand recognition and sales.
  • Mondi’s sack kraft paper grades Advantage Kraft White Print and Advantage Semi Extensible White Print will also mark their one-year anniversary at FachPack. Produced on the state-of-the-art paper machine 7 (PM7) at the Mondi Štětí mill in the Czech Republic, these sack kraft papers combine the excellent printability of calandered machine-finished grades with the strength properties of standard sack kraft papers.
  • Also produced on PM7, Advantage Smooth White Gloss paper will be a feature at this year’s FachPack. The versatility and texture of this speciality kraft paper makes it the first choice for paper-based bags that best reflect a brand’s personality and present an attractive image to shoppers. This benefits not only Mondi customers but also its customers’ customers – the retail brands.
  • perFORMing is Mondi’s thermo-formable solution based on paper. With a natural look and feel, it serves as a base material for packaging for food, cosmetics, portion packs, trays and other applications. As a paper-based solution, it uses natural, renewable resources.

Sustainable. Every day.

  • Water Soluble Film is a new product innovation from Mondi that offers a smart, convenient and biodegradable solution for packing and easy dosing of powders, tabs and granulates. It is a more environmentally-friendly solution compared to other similar products. Whether ready-to-use doses of household dishwasher or laundry detergents, or chemicals for industrial applications, Mondi water soluble film provides excellent barrier properties to protect the product and the end-user, making it safe and easy to use.
  • Mondi is developing solutions for more environmentally responsible packaging and paper products. The Group’s new ‘Growing responsibly’ model frames our response to global challenges and their local consequences across our Group’s value chain. The 10 action areas will shape our approach and guide our work to 2020 and beyond. Mondi will provide information about this new approach at FachPack and our global partnership with WWF International – all of which demonstrates that growing responsibly makes good business sense. This will include examples of how we work together on the WWF-Mondi Wetlands Programme, the WWF-Boreal Forest Platform; Mondi’s water impact assessment tool and WWF’s water risk filter; and the Mapping Study “Cascading Use of Wood Products”.

Visit the Mondi booth in Hall 7, Booth 254, at FachPack, 27-29 September at the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg to find some surprises waiting for you there. Mondi’s team of packaging and paper experts look forward to welcoming you and helping you discover more than you expect from this one-stop shop for packaging solutions.

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Mondi has a dual-listed company structure, with a primary listing on the JSE Limited for Mondi Limited under the ticker code MND and a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange for Mondi plc under the ticker code MNDI.

For us, sustainable development makes good business sense. We don’t just talk about sustainability; we make it part of the way we work every day. We have been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since 2008 and the JSE's Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Index since 2007.