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24 October 2016

Melitta’s filter bags® are a familiar sight in grocery stores and house-holds for a very long time. For more than a century Melitta is a market-leading advocate of good coffee and its enjoyment. In the most recent 22 years of its success, the coffee producer has enjoyed the support of Mondi Frantschach, which supplies it with high-grade unbleached kraft pulp manufactured from pine and spruce. “We are acutely aware that first-class coffee depends on the use of the best raw materials. That’s why we have placed our faith in 200.000 tonnes of supreme quality kraft pulp from Mondi Frantschach,” says Ingolf Ewe, Head of Strategic Purchasing Production Material Melitta.

Coffee ranks among the most popular beverages in Europe, as illustrated by its own annual National Coffee Day and reflected in numerous statistics[1]. In Germany coffee consumption far outstrips the figures posted by all other beverages. In 2015 average personal consumption stood at 162 litres. “The preferred way of brewing coffee is the drip method using filter papers. It is an excellent way of bringing out the flavours. Filter coffee tastes especially mild because the filter paper traps fats and oils contained in the beans. The properties of the pulp used in filter paper production are therefore very important,” comments Ingolf Ewe.

High-grade pulp as produced at Mondi Frantschach mill for quality filter paper

“Here at Mondi we are proud to supply our pulp to a producer that is a household name. The product Melitta’s filter bags® posed an exciting challenge from the outset. Like Mondi, Melitta attaches very high priority to raw material quality and processing excellence. A filter bag® may sound like a boring subject, but delivering first-class coffee enjoyment depends on a whole raft of quality criteria – beginning with the right pulp,” explains Gottfried Joham, Managing Director of Mondi Frantschach.

The principal criteria that apply in Melitta’s filter bags® production are the grammage and moisture content of the speciality paper whose characteristic crêpe finish arises during the manufacturing process. “As already indicated, for our Melitta filter papers the raw material must meet the benchmark applied by Mondi Frantschach`s unbleached kraft pulp produced in Austria. Unless the cones are practically odourless and neutral in taste, the consumer cannot enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. It would not be exaggerating to say that everything starts with the choice of the appropriate pulp as starting point for the production of our filter paper,” insists Ewe.

The Mondi Frantschach team and their sales colleagues at Mondi Sack Kraft Paper decided to mark this delivery milestone in the partnership with Melitta. They decorated the 200,000th tonne of pulp with a huge ribbon before sending it to Germany. Furthermore, a Mondi Sack Kraft Paper delegation led by Sales Director Conny Josefsson and sales representative Chiara de Strobel presented Ingolf Ewe and his purchasing and logistic colleagues from Melitta with a special commemorative certificate and award. “We are glad to look back on such a long and trusted customer relationship with Melitta, especially on delivering 200.000 tonnes of unbleached long-fiber kraft pulp so far from Frantschach. Our raw material is made from 100% European conifers, such as spruce and pine, to yield clean, uniform, flash-dried market pulp with great strength and excellent mechanical and chemical purity. We refine the cellulose into various quality grades in our own specialty pulp plant. All are suitable for the manufacture of packaging papers for foodstuffs. Delivering these product specifications and quality standards we hope to support Melitta with our pulp for high-quality filter bags® for the next 22 years and 200.000 tonnes," says Conny Josefsson, Sales Director Sack Kraft Paper. 

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  • Group picture Frantschach – the pulp-journey begins f.l.t.r.: Herbert Halbreiner (Head of production planning), Christian Gernig (Deputy Managing Director), Anton Monsberger (Production planning), Michael Valent (employee), Günther Vallant (employee), Gottfried Joham (Managing Director Mondi Frantschach), Stefan Fellner (Operational assistant), Walter Gupper (employee)
  • Group picture Melitta – arrival of the pulp f.l.t.r.: Uland Beck (ME-CP*/Purchase Melitta), Matthias Mayer (Company Mayer, Zurich), Conny Josefsson (Sales Director Mondi Sack Kraft Paper), Ingolf Ewe (ME-CP/ Purchase Melitta), Chiara de Strobel (Sales Representative Mondi), Wolfgang Siemann (ME-CP/Storage Paperproduction Melitta).
  • Ingolf Ewe and Conny Josefsson f.l.t.r.: Ingolf Ewe, Head of Strategic Purchasing Production Material Melitta and Conny Josefsson, Sales Director Mondi Sack Kraft Paper


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Mondi Frantschach, located in southern Austria, is one of the leading suppliers of sack kraft and speciality kraft papers for national and international packaging manufacturers and converters. With 135 years of experience and an in-house research and development lab, the Frantschach mill is a well- established resource of valuable knowledge that Mondi uses to support its global customers. Mondi Frantschach is part of the international packaging and paper company, Mondi Group, and ranks among the region’s most important employers.

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Mondi Sack Kraft Paper is a business segment of the business unit Packaging Paper and ranks among the leading European suppliers of both high- quality sack kraft papers and bleached and unbleached market pulp. It maintains five production sites that are focused on producing sack kraft paper with excellent runnability and printability ensuring optimised converting machine productivity.

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With over 100 years of experience and a broad product portfolio consisting of top quality paper grades Mondi can serve its customers best. Mondi`s sack kraft paper is the main component of industrial bags used to pack a variety of products essential for e.g. the building, food, agricultural or chemical industry. In addition, the sack kraft paper production benefits from a deep know-how enhanced through in-house expertise. Mondi’s Sack Kraft Paper supports close collaboration with customers in order to drive product optimisation, every day.

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Mondi Sack Kraft Paper fosters innovative research and cutting-edge technology. Its commitment is reflected in the work of its R&D and Bag Application Centres, the Print Competence Centre, where packaging and printing solutions are developed and tested in close cooperation with customers. In addition, the team of specialists at our Food Safety Laboratory develop optimised solutions that meet highest requirements for food contact and other sensitive applications.



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[1] Deutsche Kaffeeverband e.V.: