Mondi and Amelco: More efficient roll-packing sets a record

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10 August 2017

With Mondi’s speciality kraft paper Advantage MF SpringPack Plus, Amelco claims a new world record by maximising the number of innerspring units in its roll packs, reducing packaging costs for customers and facilitating logistics.


Vienna, 10 August 2017 – Amelco Industries Ltd is one of the leading suppliers of raw materials and machinery for the manufacture of innerspring mattresses in the south-eastern Mediterranean and Middle East area. The company works hard to ensure that its products are the best they possibly can be – and with Mondi`s support it has now optimised the packaging for its mattress innersprings. With Mondi’s Advantage MF SpringPack Plus speciality kraft paper, the company exceeded customer and logistics expectations, while in addition it has set a new world record in innerspring packing together with Mondi`s Speciality Kraft Paper team.

In order to enhance the loading capacity of the containers used during transportation, innerspring units are roll packed. Amelco made its first roll-packing machine more than 25 years ago, while by endorsing new customer needs and expectations, as well as its customers’ feedback, the machine has progressively been evolved to the version that is now been offered on the open market. Costas Georgallis, owner of Amelco Industries Ltd, explains: “We test our machine prototypes in real working conditions – e.g. with technical support from Mondi – and improve them before we release them to our customers who asked us to maximize the number of spring units packed in each roll. Together with Mondi`s speciality kraft paper experts we realised that controlling the paper tension was a major factor in achieving a successful result. We therefore had to use the best and strongest spring pack paper on the market – which is Advantage MF SpringPack Plus from Mondi. To us, there is no other packaging material that can match Mondi`s SpringPack Plus grade for roll-packing as it is the best suitable material to compress and roll-pack the springs in a safe way and without putting them at risk to be damaged.”

Strong and efficient: speciality kraft paper packs a record number of springs
Advantage MF SpringPack Plus, produced by Mondi Dynäs in Sweden, offers proven strength: a single sheet supports a 4.2-tonne container, which is why this paper made its way into the Swedish edition of the Guinness World Records book in 2001. The natural brown premium speciality kraft paper is extremely strong and designed especially for roll-packing and compressing goods. With Advantage MF SpringPack Plus customers are able to pack their innersprings more efficiently, which means better handling, stronger product protection and considerable cost savings.

Costas Georgallis continues: “As we can now pack 2,200 units of Bonnell innersprings in a 20-ft container with Mondi’s Guiness Record Paper Advantage MF Springpack Plus speciality kraft paper, we are claiming a world record for this too. Our competitors can only load a maximum of about 1,400 units. In addition, we are supporting our customers by using a 100% recyclable, renewable material that also reduces their costs. Because Advantage MF SpringPack Plus paper allows us to achieve the same results using 130 g/m2 paper instead of the previously used state of the art Advantage MF SpringPack with 160 g/m2, we save on paper and money – and our customers do too.”

Carsten Breiter, Mondi key account manager Advantage MF SpringPack Plus, adds: “We are delighted to be able to support the success of Amelco and its customers. Our paper’s unique strength has not only enabled Amelco to maximise the number of innerspring units in its roll packs, but it has also brought a number of further benefits to the packaging process. Packing with Advantage MF SpringPack Plus offers considerable cost savings, facilitates transport, storage and unwrapping - without any safety compromises - and means better productivity thanks to a highly automated, continuous paper feed.”

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Amelco claims world record in one 20`container 2200 Bonnell Spring Units – 20 units per roll achieved with Mondi`s Advantage MF Springpack Plus (picture copyright: Amelco Industries Ltd)


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