Mondi optimises portfolio in light of changing customer expectations

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16 February 2017

The containerboard portfolio of Mondi Świecie offers enhanced options for meeting customer needs in the lightweight kraftliner and high-strength semi chem fluting segments

Mondi continuously strives to optimise its processes and product portfolio in order to meet customer needs in view of changing corrugated packaging demands. “We live in a very fast-moving consumer market that constantly challenges corrugated packaging solutions. To keep our customers one step ahead in this dynamic field we work closely together with them, constantly innovate, and modernise both our state-of-the-art paper machines and product portfolio. Our recent modernisation projects at Mondi Świecie mill reflect this effort,” explains Maciej Kunda, managing director Mondi Świecie.

Describing the enhanced portfolio, he says, “We are now able to offer lightweight ProVantage Kraftliner, the high-strength s/c fluting grades ProVantage Fluting Aqua and Fresco, which both match premier European quality standards, as well as increased output of ProVantage KraftTop Liner. The Świecie mill supplies the market directly from the heart of Europe.”

ProVantage KraftTop Liners to strengthen your business. Every day.

The ultimate test of any packaging material is its performance. Among the other criteria to be satisfied by modern packaging are an attractive appearance and the use of materials that conserve natural resources. Mondi understands these needs, and offers its customers a comprehensive range of strong ProVantage KraftTop Liner papers that not only meet the requirements, but also accommodate an abundance of applications, including sensitive goods, and heavy duty and industrial packaging. “The packaging remains intact while protecting the contents and enhancing their appeal, even in the most challenging conditions. The international furniture company IKEA uses our grades in transport packaging, for instance, to make sure that its products arrive at the store or customers` home intact,” comments Florian Stockert, sales director Containerboard, Mondi Europe & International.

Mondi’s ProVantage KraftTop Liners are two-ply grades. The top layer consists of 100% virgin fibre, while the bottom layer contains some recycled fibre. They therefore combine the characteristics of virgin papers and recycled liners. These KraftTop Liner papers have a natural appearance, offer better technical parameters than fully recycled liners, and represent a compelling and low-cost alternative to conventional kraftliners.

ProVantage KraftTop Liner X now produced by ECO7

In 2016 Mondi began producing its high-quality paper grade ProVantage KraftTop Liner X on the state-of-the-art ECO7 machine at Mondi Świecie. Modernisation of the machine has enabled it to process virgin fibres for the first time. Alongside the new grade, ECO7 still offers the lightweight recycled containerboard grades ProVantage Fluting WB and ProVantage Testliner3.

“The modernisation allows us to produce ProVantage KraftTop Liner X with a substance range of 100-135-gsm on our ultra-modern paper machine ECO7, which entered service in 2009. In addition, we have extended the range of our recycled grades ProVantage Testliner3 and ProVantage Fluting WB to include a 160-gsm variant,” explains sales director Florian Stockert.

ProVantage semi chem flutings for lightweight packaging and challenging conditions

Mondi’s ProVantage Fluting Aqua and ProVantage Fluting Fresco grades now offer advanced quality to deliver substantial benefits to corrugated box producers, fruit and vegetable growers, retailers and end-users:

  • Increased strength and improved moisture profile enable the box to withstand long-distance shipping and thus ensure that fresh produce reaches the supermarket in good condition.
  • Lightweight packaging offers box producers considerable raw material and transportation cost savings.
  • Overall paper quality improvement thanks to enhanced technical parameters.

Pointing to the link between the improved parameters and the higher quality, Stockert remarks, “By increasing the SCT (Short-span Compression Test) and CMT (Concora Medium Test) values, achieving more stable profiles, and improving both the formation of flutings and the runnability on corrugators, this investment puts Mondi on a par with Nordic producers of semi chemical flutings and will contribute significantly to our customers’ continuing success.”

ProVantage Kraftliner quality improvements meet customer demands

Welcoming the portfolio drive, Mondi Świecie managing director Maciej Kunda comments, “The next major step towards finalising our optimised containerboard product portfolio at Świecie will be marked by the upcoming quality improvements to ProVantage Kraftliner. This grade is produced on PM1 and starts with a 100-gsm variant. The enhancements include better formation, more consistent substance and a refined moisture profile. As a consequence, corrugators will benefit from our grade’s better convertibility.” The rebuild of PM1 is scheduled for March 2017 – Mondi’s sales force is committed to satisfy all customer requirements as good as possible during the reconstruction period.


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About Mondi Containerboard

Mondi Containerboard is a business segment of the business unit Packaging Paper and a leading international supplier of virgin and recycled containerboard. Within its broad product portfolio, Mondi Containerboard offers a range of appearance papers to satisfy the requirements of both customers and end-users as regards strength, high durability, excellent runnability on corrugators, and high-class printability. It also supplies a full range of kraft grades and, within the Semi Chem portfolio, solutions for packaging applications that are both stable and resistant to moisture. The Recycled range, consisting of 100% environmentally sound paper solutions, rounds off the Mondi Containerboard product portfolio.

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Mondi’s virgin and recycled containerboard is used to make corrugated packaging, primarily designed to protect customers’ products along the value chain and display them at the point-of-sale. With five production sites and a strong sales and logistics network, Mondi Containerboard is well positioned to offer customers a wide range of customised paper solutions. It attaches high priority to customer service, which is delivered through a broad variety of technical seminars and training sessions, technical support, assistance with product optimisation, and full-scale corrugator audits. Mondi Containerboard fulfils customers’ needs, every day.

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Mondi Containerboard fosters innovative research and cutting-edge technology. Its commitment is reflected in the work of its Print Competence Centre, where customised state-of-the-art printing solutions are developed. In addition, the team of specialists at our Food Safety Laboratory develop optimised solutions that meet highest requirements for food contact and other sensitive applications.