Three years of Mondi’s Nespresso Recycling Bags, and an end is not in sight…

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23 January 2017

With their fully bio-degradable and decompostable collection bags Mondi assists Nespresso Austria in its sustainability strategy

Starting in October 2016, Nespresso Austria is enclosing a collection bag for used capsules free of charge with every online order. This is due, not only to the ambitious sustainability goals of the company, but also to the fact that this system has been very successful for over 7 years now. An important part of the Nespresso recycling system are the Recycling Bags, which have been developed together with Mondi’s experts, allow hygienic and clean collection of the used capsules. Reaching for the collection bag goes without saying for many Nespresso customers - it makes sense in the same way that the collection bag itself is bio-degradable and decomposable.

Every country has its own customs, the same applies to recycling systems. That is why the Recycling Bags which are used in Austria were custom-made for the Austrian market. The paper is certified by FSC™ (Forest Stewardship Council™) and the Sustainex coating, a barrier layer made of renewable resources, meets internationally acknowledged standards with regard to biodegradability and composability. Both these components are responsible for the innovative bag offering full recyclability and environmental friendliness. Nespresso Recycling Bags don’t just offer the best possible stability but also a perfect humidity barrier. Furthermore, adhesives are largely dispensed with. “Even though the Recycling Bags have been a huge success and costumers are fully satisfied, we are still working on advancing our product even further”, says Jan-Willem Kleppers, managing director Mondi Extrusion Coatings. “Our main focus lies on an even higher practicability in handling as well as even higher convenience for the consumer.”

Capsule recycling without fuss or quibble

Thanks in no small way to the Recycling Bags, Nespresso Austria has had major success in motivating Austrians to collect and recycle the capsules. This is very pleasing also because the capsules themselves are in fact fully recyclable. After splitting the capsules and coffee grounds, the aluminium will be melted and reused. Also the coffee will be transformed into biogas which will be used for electricity generation.

That pays off: A truck off Nespresso capsules covers the yearly power demand of two and a half single family houses.

The figures are already impressive: On a global scale, Nespresso has managed to increase recycling capacities to 86 per cent. In Austria, it is possible to collect the capsules nationwide in 1500 collection spots, also thanks to the bag produced by Mondi. Also the flat capsules for Nespresso professional machines are recyclable. Nevertheless, objectives remain ambitious in the spirit of the adopted sustainability strategy. By 2020, the recycling capacity targeted is 100 %. Therefore, collecting and recycling the bags has to be kept as simple as possible, also the usage of the bags themselves should be promoted further.


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