Mondi Grünburg wins two Austria Wellpappe Awards for Corrugated solutions

Publication Date:

02 October 2018

For this year’s competition Mondi Grünburg submitted innovations in the categories “sustainability” and “young talent”.

The global packaging and paper manufacturer Mondi Group was awarded two prizes in the categories “corrugated cardboard sustainability” and “corrugated cardboard young talent” at this year's Austria Awards for Corrugated Cardboard, held in Vienna on October 1st, 2018.
The sustainability award honoured a packaging solution for wine glasses. The corrugated packaging was developed by the Mondi Group subsidiary Grünburg together with Riedel, a company with a long-standing tradition and expertise in the production of premium wine glasses. This universal glass packaging is unique in that its compartments can fit seven different types of glasses without compromising on product protection. “The Glass7Box is the perfect example of how we can address the ongoing trend towards increasing assortment depth and broader product portfolios”, Florian Döbl, Managing Director of Mondi Grünburg, explains. “Our customers want a packaging solution that is suitable for a whole range of products, which is also beneficial in terms of sustainability, since it encourages material and resources efficiency.”

The new packaging solution means that Riedel only needs one single box to package seven different glasses from their new product range - all on the same packaging line, without having to make adjustments for different runs. The Glass7Box reduces process complexity whilst also offering optimal product protection: the glasses are protected against breakage on all sides thanks to the buffered and shock-absorbing flexible corrugated cardboard tabs. At the same time, the glass stems and bases are anchored in special sections. When the customer opens the packaging, it unfolds completely at the sides. The glasses are presented in an upright position and in a flawless condition. Riedel’s premium experience is therefore enhanced by Mondi’s packaging.

In the ”young talent” category, Mondi Grünburg’s “Cress Basket” impressed the panel of judges the most. Product developer and award applicant, Simone Bruckmüller, is already a veteran at the Austria Awards for Corrugated Cardboard: as part of her vocational training at Mondi Grünburg, she won the “young talent” awards in 2016 and 2017 with her product innovations. In this year's competition, the cress basket was initially listed among the top 3 submissions. The final decision was made on Facebook, where the cress basket received twice the number of clicks and “likes” as the second-place entry. The product’s integrated carrying handle and a watertight insert made from Mondi Silver Paratherm convinced the judges, as well as its stackability due to its conical shape. A roll-up mechanism on the inside of the tray builds up pressure, which contributes to the basket’s well-designed and stable appearance.

For the fourth year in a row, the Corrugated Cardboard Austria Forum celebrated outstanding corrugated cardboard innovations. The prizes were awarded in six categories: creative, construction, POS, display, sustainability and young talent in the field of corrugated cardboard. This year's presentation of the Austria Awards for Corrugated Cardboard took place on October 1st, 2018 in Vienna.





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