Mondi sets pace for growth with a distinctive paper portfolio for shopping bags

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11 May 2018

With the new umbrella brand “shoppingworld by Mondi”, the company offers a full-range paper portfolio for non-food and food shopping bag applications in brown and white – now including recycled fibre variants alongside the well-established virgin fibre grades.

Vienna, 11 May 2018 – Mondi presented its relaunched paper portfolio for shopping bags under the new umbrella brand “shoppingworld by Mondi” on 19 April in Prague at Europe’s first shopping bag summit, “Let’s paper the world 2018”. Mondi established and hosted the new summit to bring experts from the entire value chain together for the first time. More than 110 industry professionals from leading companies participated.

At the summit, Paulus Goess, Sales Director Speciality Kraft Paper at Mondi, explained why Mondi’s speciality kraft paper business dedicated itself to the market segment and its target audiences: “We understand the momentum for natural and sustainable packaging solutions as an opportunity to grow in the shopping bag segment – not only for us, but also for paper shopping bag producers and brands. Paper has convincing advantages as a packaging material for shopping bag applications: It is made from renewable resources, can be recycled in already established systems and is biodegradable at the end of its life.”

Mondi’s new portfolio is organised according to food and non-food end uses and their corresponding technical requirements. The paper grades for food provide high strength and stability as well as good printability, and of course are all approved for food safety. The non-food sector can choose from fit-for-purpose papers offering good functionality and great printability for premium looks. Both variants include the already established Advantage grades made solely from virgin fibres, plus EcoVantage grades with a share of recycled fibres – which are now also part of the relaunched portfolio.

Another convenient feature for bag producers and brand owners is that Mondi introduced visual graphs of the technical qualities of each paper grade to simplify the selection process. The so-called quality landscapes illustrate important performance parameters at a glance: tensile strength, tear resistance, smoothness, brightness, gloss and virgin content.

 “With the new classifications and visual graphs, we can provide bag makers with useful decision-making tools and a wide range of high-quality, technically engineered and sustainably produced paper grades that match today’s pulse and add value to brands,” Paulus Goess explained. 

“shoppingworld by Mondi” provides customers with a full service

The shoppingworld by Mondi portfolio supports customers with knowledge and industry insights on consumer trends, branding issues and technologies around paper, printing, brand display and food safety – the latter being a crucial concern for the retail, food and converting industries.

“As regulatory requirements in the food sector become increasingly stringent, we are proud to be able to support our customers with food safety certifications, transparent compliance work and our extensive know-how, to sustainably ensure consumer protection and guarantee product stewardship,” said Martin Messner from the Mondi Food Safety Laboratory during the summit.

The shoppingworld by Mondi portfolio contains five food-safe paper grades. Among them are very strong and rigid papers made from 100% virgin fibres, which provide good printability and have been proven to carry loads of up to 25 kg in internal load tests, easily meeting the 12 kg requirement for food bags.

Brand owners benefit from high-quality papers for brand display and marketing strategies

Mondi offers paper grades that give brands the perfect stage by combining high functionality with outstanding printability. Additionally, the experts in Mondi’s print competence centre work with customers to develop the best outcomes in printing technology. Recycled fibre grades in the portfolio allow brand owners to give a visible ecological credibility to their brands. “A carrier bag is more than a useful transportation vehicle. It is part of the brand experience,” stated Dragoslav Majdanac, Marketing Service Procurement Manager at Benetton. “A high-quality item would lose value in a shabby bag. The overall brand concept must be coherent with the type of bag. In the best case, consumers reuse a bag as an accessory and an expression of their lifestyle – and thus become valuable brand ambassadors.”




Image 1: shoppingworld by Mondi provides paper grades in outstanding quality to give brands the perfect stage.

Image 2: shoppingworld by Mondi offers a full-range paper portfolio for non-food and food shopping bag applications.

Image 3: The quality landscape visualises the technical qualities of the food portfolio at a glance.

Image 4: The benefits of the non-food portfolio are presented in this quality landscape.


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