Living life in full colour – Mondi launches new brand identity

Tue, 10. September
by Newsroom

Mondi is a global packaging and paper group, actively leading the future of a sustainable packaging and paper industry, using paper where possible and plastic when useful.


We have more than 10 years of successful growth as a LSE/JSE listed company, building on our heritage of 50 years as Mondi and more than 200 years in papermaking.

Today we are a global industry player with a reputation for excellence and leadership – sustainably adding value and capability.

The world is constantly changing, with everything available somewhere at any time. People want progress, but not at any price.

Behind the scenes – watch Mondi colleagues creating our new brand look


Packaging is part of the solution.  It protects and prolongs the life of products, especially food, making them more accessible to people all over the world.  Used well it is reusable, recyclable, compostable –  sustainable by design.

If Mondi was a person, who would we be? A global citizen. A good listener, easy to talk to and understand. Authentic and straight-forward, with a warm sense of humour. Curious, inventive, well-travelled. We want the passion, colour and creativity we experience every day at Mondi to be visible to everyone from the moment they meet us. 


How can we communicate in a way that reflects who we are?

People form their first (and often their last) impression from the way we look, before they even hear what we have to say. So visual identity matters. Mondi is a confident and modern company with a vision to contribute to a better world, to be an employer of choice, and to be a global benchmark for our industry in quality, innovation and customer service.  We have designed our brand to capture our spirit of creativity and innovation, and our openness to exploring new ideas.


As a company, our visual identity is our clothing. It creates a first impression for people.

Sara Sizer, Group Communication & Marketing Director

Often it’s the way we talk, more than what we say, which determines how we make each other feel. From a branding perspective this means evoking emotions that you want your brand to be associated with. Mondi aims to be caring, responsible and transparent in our relationships with all our stakeholders.

Sustainable by design

So, earlier this year, we asked some of our Mondi colleagues to help us create the key element of our new look that reflects our heritage in paper – beautiful brushstrokes – bringing together different shapes, textures, colours and movement.


They are all hand-painted, individual, capturing the spirit of Mondi. They say a lot about who we are: the vibrant colours, dynamic flow and (almost) endless variation reflects our diversity, energy and fresh thinking. 

Mondi has a great story to share: our vision to contribute to a better world; how digitalisation supports our journey to be the global industry benchmark and why we’re focused on becoming an employer of choice. We’re excited that our new brand look embodies our aspirations.

Get ready for colour!

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