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Tue, 10. December 2019
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On 18 November, the first Youth Hackathon Award ceremony of the Austrian Government’s fit4internet (f4i) initiative took place at the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs in Vienna.

Gerald Stöcklhuber and Sebastian Weissenberger

Two Mondi apprentices, Sebastian Weissenberger and Gerald Stöcklhuber, won 3rd place in the category “Apps” (ages 15–18) for a Mondi-themed beta-phase app, which they developed at WKO Coding Day, an event sponsored by the Austrian Department of Commerce.

Fit4Internet (f4i) is a non-profit initiative that aims to improve digital competencies among the public and employees to enhance Austria’s status as a place to do business. Mondi Group CEO Peter Oswald was appointed as its first president.

Sebastian, one of the two winners, is now 19 years old and started his apprenticeship at Mondi in 2016. He works in maintenance as a mechatronics fitter. He said that his passion for coding developed long before the WKO Coding Day, but that he was happy to fulfil his ambition over the course of the competition.


The idea was to create an app for employees based in our mills in Austria to make their working day easier and ensure good communication. We programmed features like an internal chat, a link to the local intranet (planetmondi), and a list of all the company locations we have in Austria, as well as a translate function through voice speaker.


Mondi’s Chief Digital Officer Martin Gutberlet was one of five expert jury members who selected the prize winners for all categories. “It was great to see so many young talents creating digital apps and games. These are the digital natives whom we need for our future,” he said.

Mondi Chief Digital Officer Martin Gutberlet speaking on stage at the f4i Youth Hackathon Award ceremony.
Mondi apprentices took third place in the prize category ‘Apps’ at the first f4i Youth Hackathon Awards in Vienna on 18 November

Prizes were awarded in the following three categories: "Young Stars" for children 8 to 10 years old; "Games" for children and young people 10 to 15; and "Apps" for young people, and especially apprentices, between the ages 15 and 18. More than 170 games and apps were submitted by approximately 300 children and teenagers.

We congratulate our two young winners and wish them all the best in their future career development.


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