Mondi fills recycled paper gap with extended NAUTILUS® range

Publication Date:

23 July 2019

23. July 2019. Leading global packaging and paper group Mondi has taken action to address the shortage of uncoated recycled fine paper in Europe. Mondi’s uncoated recycled fine paper brand NAUTILUS® has been extended to include a full portfolio for professional print and office applications. Leading distributors such as Antalis, Europapier and Igepa have partnered with Mondi to make the paper available to customers across Europe and beyond. To meet market demand, Mondi’s Neusiedler mill has a good supply of fast moving recycled paper grades and formats in stock to ensure quick delivery and long-term availability of NAUTILUS®.

Full portfolio with certified sustainability

All NAUTILUS® papers are part of Mondi’s Green Range, are FSC™ certified and carry the EU Ecolabel. As a 100% recycled paper, NAUTILUS® Classic additionally features a Blue Angel certification. The range is available in ten substances from 70 to 350 g/m2 and sheet formats for offset printing, as well as in reels, SRA3, A3 and A4.

Johannes Klumpp, Marketing & Sales Director for Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper says,“With the new and improved NAUTILUS® mill brand, we prove our commitment to the recycled paper market. When it comes to consistent quality, service, delivery times and long-term availability, recycled papers now match the standard of premium papers made from virgin fibre”.

Strong distribution network

Along with extending the brand range, Mondi also activated their network of distribution partners. Agreements with key international players such as Antalis, Europapier and Igepa are in place, which means that the full NAUTILUS® range is readily available from stock for professional printers and other customers across Europe now.

“We are delighted with this new distribution agreement. We believe that Mondi has the right product and service to become the market leader in the recycled uncoated paper segment. They also have a good track record of establishing strong brands in the market”, says Xavier Jouvet, Group Marketing & Purchasing Director for Antalis.

Helmut Limbeck, CEO of Europapier Group, adds, “We have a longstanding business partnership with Mondi, which was an excellent foundation for this new business opportunity in the recycled paper market. Mondi shows the commitment we need from an industry partner and brand owner, and NAUTILUS® has the potential to become the new standard with the support of our distribution network.”

“We were impressed by the speed and dedication Mondi displayed when it came to extending the NAUTILUS® brand to a full recycled paper range including professional print. Combined with Igepa group’s excellent customer service, most reliable logistics and delivery,
we see a lot of potential in our cooperation”, says Elmar Schätzlein, Managing Director for Igepa group.

NAUTILUS® portfolio overview

NAUTILUS® SuperWhite combines the benefits of a 100% recycled paper with a whiteness level expected from fresh fibre office papers (150 CIE). Along with its strong haptic appeal, NAUTILUS® SuperWhite features unusually clean surface qualities leading to a unique visual appeal. Folio format and reels are available from 80 to 350 g/m2, office formats in 80 g/m2.

NAUTILUS® Classic is a 100% recycled paper, combining a bulky touch and feel with high opacity and a natural recycled look (112 CIE). Available in folio formats and reels from 70 to 300 g/m2, as well as A4 and A3 in 80 g/m2.

NAUTILUS® for high-speed inkjet: both NAUTILUS® SuperWhite and Classic are also available in a surface-treated quality optimised for high-speed inkjet printing. These are suitable for dye as well as pigment inks.

NAUTILUS® ReFresh is a three-layered 30% recycled paper. A fully recycled layer in the middle is covered by outer layers made from FSC™ certified totally chlorine free fresh fibres. The so-called TRIOTEC® process enables a whiteness level of 161 CIE for this 80 g/m2 office paper.





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About Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper

Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper is a business unit of Mondi Group. In six operating sites in Austria, Slovakia, Russia, and South Africa, Mondi Uncoated Fine Paper produces pulp and environmentally responsible office and professional printing papers tailored to the latest professional digital and offset print technologies.

The company complies with the strictest international certification standards to support sustainable production processes through the responsible management of forest, water and air resources.
All Mondi uncoated fine papers belong to the Green Range of papers that are FSC™ or PEFC™ certified, 100% recycled or bleached entirely without chlorine.
Its renowned brands such as Color Copy, PERGRAPHICA®, NAUTILUS®, NEUJET®, IQ, MAESTRO®, BIO TOP 3®, DNS®, Snegurochka or ROTATRIM are used in office environments on laser or inkjet printers and by professional printers on digital or offset presses to create brochures, transactional material, folders, invitations, business cards, letterheads or other high-impact communication.
Converters appreciate the excellent printability and smooth handling of Mondi’s professional printing papers.

About Mondi

Mondi is a global leader in packaging and paper, delighting its customers and consumers with innovative and sustainable packaging and paper solutions. Mondi is fully integrated across the packaging and paper value chain - from managing forests and producing pulp, paper and plastic films, to developing and manufacturing effective industrial and consumer packaging solutions. Sustainability is embedded in everything Mondi does. In 2018, Mondi had revenues of €7.48 billion and underlying EBITDA of €1.76 billion.

Mondi has a dual listed company structure, with a primary listing on the JSE Limited for Mondi Limited under the ticker MND, and a premium listing on the London Stock Exchange for Mondi plc, under the ticker MNDI. Mondi is a FTSE 100 constituent, and has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series since 2008 and the FTSE/JSE Responsible Investment Index Series since 2007.